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The Last Bell Lounge Presents Open Mic Night!

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[align=center]Open Mic Night[/align]



[align=center]Where: The Last Bell Lounge

( ward 9, plot 31 - the mists )[/align]

[align=center]When: Wednesday, November 30th 2016[/align]

[align=center]( open mic is held during normal business hours )[/align]

[align=center]From: 6:30pm CST To: 10:30pm CST[/align]





Calling all singers, dancers, poets and musicians; the Last Bell Lounge is hosting its very first Open Mic Night - an event we hope to make a regular occurrence every month. What is Open Mic Night you might ask? Well, it's an opportunity to flex your skills, of course; whether it's dancing, playing a violin or anything in between, we're offering up the Lounge's spacious stage for your talents. 



But how does one sign up for such an event?

Signing up is as easy as sending me a private message here on ffxiv-roleplayers -or- by messaging one of the following people in-game: Minatsuki Takami, Bibinji Bubunji, V'tali Dusk or L'lorileigh Tsunhe.

[align=center]please note we only have a certain number of slots available[/align]

[align=center]and all entries are first come first serve[/align]



For those who do obtain a slot, we ask that you arrive a half hour prior to the event's start. This means, you are expected to arrive (at least out of character) at 6:00pm CST.

[align=center]order of performance is based on first come, first serve[/align]





But are you paying me?

The answer is a simple no; there will be no exchange of in-game gil from Sigil to your character for performing at Open Mic night. However, performance announcers are more than happy to usher out an advertisement or two (generally done at the time of introduction and between acts) for your FC (especially if they hosts their own performance events). 

          Think of Open Mic Night as another fun way to get your name and the name of your FC out there; attract people you might not have reached otherwise.



[align=center]Have Questions? [/align]

[align=center]Feel free to contact myself or any of the people mentioned above.[/align]

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