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<OoO> Magic of New Beginnings

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[align=center]The Order of Ouroboros began as a secret society of mages after the Great Flood following the War of the Magi. In recent times, the Order has become bolder, but never stepped fully from the shadows. Wherever magic is abused, or promising mages require guidance, the agents of Ouroboros travel. And in this age of Primals and war, their presence is needed.


Always on the search for willing members to help protect Eorzea and its vast and sacred knowledge of the magicks, the Order will take on a varying range of skilled mages and mercenaries. From beginners dabbling in with the basics to experts that wield even forbidden arts, as well as those who are not so arcanely-inclined but wish to battle against the destruction and abuse of aetherial knowledge.


Whether you find the Order, or the Order finds you, the opportunity to assist their cause is available to you.




is a Rank 8 Medium to Heavy RP-FC on the Balmung server, dedicated to providing fun, lore-friendly roleplay with the theme of magic and mystical knowledge. Open to EU/NA members alike, we aim to provide weekly roleplay events and valuable connections to aid your character's development, whether to help with their career and studies, and to create a network of quality roleplayers.


Here at the Order, we're looking for new members to join our ranks. Our free company is open to all who have characters that desire to learn, teach and protect the knowledge of aetherial arts. If you have an interest in more information or joining us, please head over to our site and fill in an application.


Any questions please post on this thread, or get in touch with our leaders in game: Oyuu Dataq, J’takra Tia, Sahael Nevara, Arthurioux Duchamps or Suen Shyu.


Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon!


(Artwork credit: Hithren on Tumblr)


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[align=center]Was this thread just made to show off cute art of my FC members? Maybe. But we're also looking to recruit new members too! Post here or send me a PM if you're interested in joining us. Because magic, magic, magic, OoO~[/align]

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