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[Flyer] Feeling Lost?

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((I'm online often, so feel free to send me a Friend Request! If I am not online then, please send me a message here and if I can, I'll hop on. Or, if you bump into me on the Steps in Ul'dah, let me know you're interested! I don't bite that hard. Also, I respect privacy, so I bought an apartment in The Goblet that I use as a little office. If you would prefer an inn or something else, then we can use that. And no two readings are the same as I have props that I use for sessions. It is not the same experience for everyone.))

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Lili tilted her head at the sight of the paper that someone had left at her table. Hm. Odd. It was from a few days ago.


Scanning over the wording, the blonde chuckled and neatly folded the paper before tucking it away. If nothing else, she could keep an eye out for the 'dimunitive diviner' as a possible date night option for her and Kyren. After all, who didn't love getting their fortune told?

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The paper had intrigued her- enough so that she'd actually put off diving into her third pipira of the night long enough to read it.


To be quite honest, maybe a little knowledge of what was coming would be quite useful.  She'd fold and pocket the paper and try to remember to seek out this small medium sometime in the near future.

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