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Looking for New Guild

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Hello everyone, was just checking to see what companies might be out there, I know a lot of them aren't listed so thought I might check around here. Looking for a RP focused guild, maybe something with ties to Gridania or Adventuring. Love to get pointed in the right direction if anyone knows a company that might fit this description thanks!

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Sadly, I think the FC listings are probably your best shot overall. If a guild is fairly active in-game and has a concept of some sort, I imagine they're going to be trying to market via the FC listings, rather than rely on word-of-mouth exclusively. There's probably a few exceptions, but at that point you're probably banking on just getting lucky. 


That being said, however, don't limit yourself just to FC's- hit the Linkshells too. A lot of them are linked directly with a guild, while others may give you the networking you need to find a guild you'd enjoy! For example, if you're looking for stuff in Gridania and adventuring, then I would strongly urge you to go have a look at ShroudLife (*points at signature*)!


Good luck on your FC hunt!

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