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Starlight Celebration Holiday Gift Swap


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Starting from now until the 25th of December at 12 am CST, you can send a small gift to be added to a collection pool that will be distributed Christmas Morning. This is a fun little event to have a chance to give and receive from others in the community and give you something to look forward to in your mailbox.


How it works:


  • Purchase a gift that you would like to donate. The cap is 50,000 gil with no minimum as long as the gift is useful(You are free to break this cap, however, you may not get something of equal value in return). This can be RP clothes, housing items, pets, etc. Please exclude sending food, potions, or materials please.
  • Only send 1 item.
  • Add me, L'rinhi Kett, to your Friend's List. Note: I may be afk but you can usually find me on at all times. Leave a friend request.
  • Mail your item to L'rinhi Kett before 12 am CST of December 25th.
  • Your name and your item will be added to an excel sheet. This will keep up with you and your gift so you don't get your own present.
  • *You may specify what type of gift you would like as far as Rp clothes or housing items. Naturally, housing items won't be of use to those with no housing.*
  • In the wee hours of the morning, Rini will start mailing gifts back to everyone who participated.
  • While not required by any means, donations will be accepted if someone wishes. I will have several other events in December where I can give out donations to unsuspecting recipients.


If you would like to include a small note to whomever receives your gift you may as long as it doesn't reveal you and is in good taste, maturity required. People may exceed the cap of 50,000 if they wish, but do not expect to get anything that high in return. I can understand if people feel giving this year and it is a nice gesture of you doing so, but someone else might not be as giving.


If you have any questions or comments on how this works feel free to ask and as always have a good one.

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