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Farmer's Market


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Farmer's Market is an IC (with OOC allowed) social linkshell connecting multiple kinds of people interested in food, whether gourmet or casual, or drink, whether it be water or coffee or mixed drinks or a simple rum.


IC Conversation: Put in between two quotation marks or asterisks. E.g. "Howdy" & *does action*

OOC Conversation: Speaking normally. E.g. Hey guys, how are you today?


Who can join?


Anyone! No, really. Anyone. Do you eat food? Do you drink beverages? Chances are both answers are a "Yes" which means you can!


Whether you’re a chef, not a chef, someone who’s food-curious or drink-curious, a foodie, or even an IC food critic, there’s a place for you here. If you’re on the alternative route crafting/gathering items culinarians use, such as vintners, fishermen, hunters, and botanists, this linkshell is also for you! You never know; you may find a business deal as a supplier for a particular chef.


Additionally, if you have an event seeking chefs or people who work with food, you may advertise in the linkshell. If you want to network with others in the culinarian world or looking to get into it, this is the place to do so.




While inside of this linkshell, there are a few rules we ask you follow.


  • Be happy. Have fun. Stay healthy. This is a game, afterall. Try not to make it too much of a job and enjoy yourself and fellow company.
  • No hateful speech, discrimination, and/or harassment–sexual and non-sexual.
  • If it gets personal, take it to whispers/tells. We’re chefs, not laundromats.
  • Debate’s welcome, but keep it amicable. If it becomes too heated, rancorous, or breaks rules a linkshell leader/master may forcefully cut off the conversation.
  • If you want to accuse someone of something, you’ll have burden of proof to overcome and must provide evidence of the accused’s actions in question.



Have any questions? Want to join? Prefer to chat about food, other items, or maybe want puns? Here’s the people to reach out to in-game for invites.


  • Leggerless Hanzou [Master] – NA; usually online evenings CST.
  • Tin Man (ExAtomos) [Leader] – NA/EU

Thank you for reading. We hope we can enjoy your company and hear your ideas in the near future!

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Will look for ya in game!


Usually on in the evenings CST; I'll keep an eye out for you :P


Anyways! I feel like doing a funny bump.




The LS so good...




Even Terry Crews doesn't want to miss out on it.


Also, it's quite new and I'm literally starting recruitment right now!

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State of the Linkshell


Evening guys, here is my very first report on State of the Linkshell.




- Linkshell now accommodates IC/OOC communication. See notes on the main page for differences.

- New LS leader: ExAtomos. He has quite a few alts, but his food alt is "Tin Man" on Balmung.


What's been done


A few things! Firstly, the LS got made! Wewt!


Secondly. I wanted a way to stand out from the crowd... to make this LS feel both unique and give you something in return for being a part of it. To that end, I present to you...


Wait for it...








Hnnng. Just look at that sexy design. Simple, because your regular farmer doesn't care for too much fanciness. Sleek, as it's meant to be efficient and say what needs to be said without all the extra crap. Easy to read, because how do you market yourself with something people cannot even read? Add in a touch of color and you got something that pops out to the eye as well. On the back side, there is plenty of white space provided so you can write your own notes up there :P


Basically, each member of the LS receives a customized business card (I make these edits personally in Photoshop; screw using online templates rn) that I take a little time out of my day to grant you. Once you have this, you may freely hand it out in whatever IC encounters you have! I consider it our special way of networking amongst the community.


Chairwoman is a LS Master, Manager is a LS Leader, and Associate is a regular LS member.


What's to come


A Discord server! Personally, I'm waiting until the LS gets bigger--say, 20 people--before committing to this resource. Here's why Discord:


- Circumvents the LS requirement; if you're all out of linkshell space, you can instead join through the Discord method.

- Gives a platform to communicate amongst all members outside of the game.


- An account on Discord also lets you connect to countless servers without too much hassle




Well, that's all I have this evening guys. Until next time!

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