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Just doing it ... and hello!


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I called this "Just doing it" because I've been nervous about introducing myself.  Normally, I'm not in the least bit shy, but when it comes to roleplaying, I truly am.  Anyway, I trust you all are as psyched about ARR as I am:love:


I've rp'ed a bit in ffxi and WoW and would love to rp a lot in ffxiv!  The environments in 1.0 were wonderfully evocative, and I am expecting those in 2.0 will be so as well. We'll have a great canvas on which to create and discover a character.  


Anyway, my character's full name is Eloria Chantay, and I am looking forward to getting to know you ic as well as ooc^^

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Don't be shy!


Hey, being shy has worked for many of us for years, and we see no reason to stop cowering in the dark corner of the room now. If you don't like it, we'll show ourselves out. Which we'll probably do if you do like it. On second thought, forget I brought it up.


More to the point, welcome! It's a pretty friendly bunch here.

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