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Pearl Lane Hunger Relief Drive


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[align=center]Pearl Lane Hunger Relief Drive[/align]






In order to relieve the suffering in Pearl Lane, the Milner Charitable Trust has put together an impressive store of food. With all of the logistics sorted, there is now the simple matter of distributing this food. We will be requiring volunteers to assist in distribution, as well as to protect other volunteers during distribution and to maintain order.


OOC Information:




My name is Viviku, and I’m putting together an event along with my friend Siobhan. This event is set to be a charity distribution, in which myself and volunteers will roleplay handing out food and blankets to the poor of Pearl Lane. Overall, this is meant to be a simple social event with a bit of a charitable purpose, and is meant to be an opportunity for RPers of all different sorts (rich and poor) to mingle together who might not otherwise meet. The event will likely run for roughly two hours, as there’s no hard end time – just until activity starts to die down.


I need the assistance of volunteers to help with the distribution side of the event. If your character wishes to hand out food, please contact me via a message here on the forums or by whispering me in game on Viviku Viku. Your character can handle distribution or assist with keeping order and organization – whichever you would prefer.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me. If you think your character could possibly get involved in any way, even if it’s outside of the volunteering, please do not hesitate to contact me. I want this even to be a fun environment for characters to interact and an opportunity for development and socialization.


Location and Time:


12/11/2016 at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST


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Pearl Lane






In-game: Viviku Viku

Tumblr: lala-chapien

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Ah, shoot. I'd definitely like to go to this one - it's sort of a known thing that Chachan helps the refugees and stuff, moreso now that he's pretty financially comfortable. However, this also takes place at the same time as the Runestone if I'm reading the dates right, and I have a standing RP promise for that.


If they aren't able to make it, though, I might pop by this! I just... don't want to promise anything. :blush:

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