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Acolyte Oni

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I've spent some time establishing this character and I love meeting new people, so figured I would give this section another shot.


Going far from what I attempted last time, Oni has amnesia. Cliché as it may be, it allows me to make my way into the canon and lore of the world without stepping on any toes. They're a fish out of water character, which is useful for most stories where you need to explain the world and what's what to the reader(s).


As such, the character is prone to asking questions and is rather oblivious to what's going on around them, or what has transpired. Things like the Calamity are still new to them. Indeed, they don't remember who they are, how they came to be, where they are from, or anything about the world. As a result... the character is hyper curious and loves to learn new things.


And no, the character does not focus on trying to learn their past. It comes up from time to time, and links become recognizable, but the greater picture is a mystery and will likely remain that way until the character has been further established.


Despite their amnesia, they've found the following things come very naturally to them:

- Cooking

- Singing

- Playing musical instruments

- Performing (obviously)


However, they struggle with the following:

- Recognizing when something, someone or somewhere is dangerous

- They do not know how to fight (including using magic)



Personality-wise, you can expect the following:

Oni is super friendly, hyper excitable, lacks doubt, and always looking for new ways to learn and/or help people. They have a very creative mind and won't hesitate to share their ideas, even if they sound dumb. They also enjoy performing for people (singing, dancing, playing instruments, etc.). Oh, and rain or snow storms make them very, very, very, very, VERY happy!


Also, Oni is a lalafell. Not sure if that has a huge impact on whether or not you'd like to RP with them, but yes, that's what they are.



If you want to meet Oni, just poke me with a tell, respond on here, or just wander around Ul'dah or New Gridania. I also occasionally visit Ishgard (because snow), though not very frequently because I haven't met a lot of RPers up there.

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I don't run into nearly enough Lalafell... Ahem.


Kasi is usually around Gridania and Ul'dah running jobs and meeting with her day-to-day contacts. She'll roam quite a bit even into Ishgard. She's a 'family' girl with a little bit of a mercenary, little bit of a trader, and a big bit of meat enthusiast thrown in. Her biography is linked in the signature if you'd like to read a bit more, but either way, would be happy to run into you sometime!

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