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Official RP server being "looked into"


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I'll just leave this here...





 Originally Posted by Mihana 

Hello, I'll get straight to the questions for this:


1.) Quite some time back Yoshi-P expressed interest in providing roleplayers with their own server in an interview. Since then I don't believe any information has been revealed on this matter. Is a RP server still in development or has this option been abandoned?



The development team is currently looking into this!

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My only concern about this is whether it'll split the community or not. I know some people will absolutely not leave Balmung (assuming it still exists) due to their OOC friendships. Other Rpers (like myself personally) will opt to go to the official RP server should SE name one no matter what. So I'm a bit worried about the consequences of an official Rp server. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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There's also the issue of whether or not this will be a "new player" server. Seeing as it's going to be a freshly made server, there's the chance it might fall under those restrictions. That would probably cut the community up even more, as I'm sure plenty on Balmung wouldn't want to re-roll. I know I sure wouldn't after all the effort I put into my character during 1.0.

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I just hope in the end all the RPers can unite in one area. Would hate to have the newer RPers (like myself) on a new server, but then all the others on Balmung or whatever it will be renamed to. I want to meet the new and the other RPers who have been here in Eorzea long!

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