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The Beast & Barrel : April 16th, 2017

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The Beast and Barrel Tavern[/align]


After nearly two decades of sailing, soldiering, and adventuring, Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn has begun a brand new sort of adventure. He's met a lovely woman, hung up his axe, and is doing his damndest to settle down, to provide for his bride-to-be and their future children without putting his life on the line. With the coin he's saved up over the years, he has turned a small hole in the wall into Limsa Lominsa's newest and finest tavern, "The Beast and Barrel."


Its shelves are stocked with the finest booze that can be bought, imported, smuggled, or brewed into the maritime state, and features a menu inspired by the traditional Roegadyn fare of his forefathers from the Northern Empty.










Where: The Mist, Ward 11, Apartment 85.


When: The Beast and Barrel's doors open on the first and third Sunday of each month at 9:00 PM EST. Service lasts until 11:00 PM EST (at the earliest, if staff don't feel like staying up later).



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Phew! Tonight was a lot more busy than I thought it would be, but I am so thankful for that! I'd like to thank everyone who came, and those who helped keep up with the orders on the floor and in the kitchen! I had a great time, I hope you all did too!





The tavern's open anytime you'd like to host an event here (if your company wants to hang out somewhere else for a change, or any pub crawls or the like), just poke me or arkamas! Our next public tavern night is scheduled for New Year's Day (because it's the first Sunday in January, whoo) at 9 PM EST, when we'll be celebrating Heavensturn!

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The Beast & Barrel Tavern is open again this coming Sunday, February 5, and to celebrate Valentione’s we’re having a “couple” of specials!


Couples visiting the tavern for a date may have a free slice of cake, chocolate or white! Rest assured it’ll be a big honkin’ slice, cake enough for two Roegadyn to share.


Singles, on the other hand, are entitled to one of two special Valentione’s cocktails, on the house! Who says you need a partner for Valentione’s? Help yourself to some Sweet Dreams or a Rolanberry Love Potion!

[align=center]350x234https://68.media.tumblr.com/64cfa739d9fc650ced2cf75ab1cbc264/tumblr_okry3bYe8k1w2yl3ho2_400.jpg[/img] 350x234https://68.media.tumblr.com/7b4af1348b1f2245078d9a8fd4ecae75/tumblr_okry3bYe8k1w2yl3ho1_400.jpg[/img][/align]


We now have a tumblr, too! We'll be crossposting a lot of updates between here and there, but you can also find more info about the tavern and its menu there, as well as screenshots from events and other announcements.

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And we're open! A few minutes early, but not as early as some people arrived-- sorry we weren't quite ready for you yet! :P


Sorry my party got there so early Shopu but I loved every minute of tonight and have always enjoyed myself when I come to RP. You and Fyril have a great tavern and me and my FC will keep coming back as time permits to partake in the atmosphere! :D

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The Beast and Barrel will be opening again tonight at 9:00 EST!   We will be having a "Singles Night" to follow up with our last Valentiones Special.  Come wearing the color of your interest, and meet new people, or come to simply enjoy another day at the beast and barrel.  Participation is hardly mandatory.



Red:  Interested in meeting women

Blue: interested in meeting men

Purple: interested in meeting either

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