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Looking for long-term RP friends!

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Alright, so..my RP FC is sorta slumping and doesn't have much of a desire to get back up after one too many 'inactivity' situations over the course of two years, though I'm not willing to leave them over this fact. I am still, however, a very very social person who needs dat sweet RP action.


Heya, folks! I'm Eses! You may recognise me from the b-list performance of 'Who plastered a moustache on a cat?'

So here's my pitch. Ahem..




Eses Fafa comes from a large nomadic family with no tribal factors, merely only a series of small immediate families of 2-5 wandering around Hydaelyn. This particular Fafa has been cursed with muteness as of late, and communicates entirely through notebook, and has developed a penchant for fanciful writings and sketches. Her own love for the concept of folk tale heroes inspired her to take up the spear and venture out to the closest reference to her stories she could find: Ishgard.

While there, she trained for years under a roegadyn with the same idea as her, a foreign Dragoon, and worked to make her one in turn, and so the pair became partners in war for cycles all the way until the end of the Dragonsong War.

And so the pair retired and went on their separate ways!


Eses has recently been studying at Cliff's Edge Academy, a privately funded educational facility to learn about more modern practices, such as magitek and engineering to give her the edge in a steadily advancing world, but seeks out comrades or people in need. (preferably maidens, damsels, princesses and/or someone stuck on the highest room in the tallest tower)




Still reading? You'd have done better than I would have then, but here's the OOC dealio:


-I'm cool with advancing personal plots

-I am a pretty ace DM if people want it

-As mentioned, I can't join another FC, but I am good for Enjin and Discord since I hear guests are common in a lot of FCs

-I don't do romance

-I have an abundance of LS slots

-I REALLY would like to limit the amount of times I have to go to a tavern or drinking hole.


I'm hoping I can garner enough interest! Not particularly a fan of having to make an alt and I love this moustachio'd piece of brilliance to let her fade into the history books just yet.

Bug me if yer down!

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