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Starting an Expansion Tournament

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With Stormblood coming about and a new region, I thought about this with a few others and even if we had tournaments before...This will be different.


I am looking for some aid to help with working a 16 person bi-weekly tournament with some altered rules to make things exciting. Of course this is still in development and those willing to help have the chance to put their input onto it all. First, some basics. Keep in mind everything is subject to change.


Name/theme: Ala Mhigo Resistance Fighting ring.

The Story for this: 'To give support to the Resistance, keep them in top condition but also raise morale and spirits, a light tournament is put in place every other few cycles to give the people hope and prepare them for the future. As such, sixteen combatants will fight with their own strength and spectators are welcome to watch, make bets, drink, merry, cheer or jeer their picks on!'


Rules (IC):

1: No weapons, Magic or armor. Straight up fists versus fists. Special techniques and strikes are allowed.


2. ABSOLUTELY NO DEATH BLOWS! You should not be killing your brother or sister. We are here to have fun and raise a morale to drive the Garleans back. While also training ourselves and the people of the land.


3: Respect your combatant and good sportsmanship. No cheap blows or use of illegal materials. 


4: Fights will be fought one at a time to keep things focused and centralized. We ask that combatants waiting be patient and if possible, mingle with the other fighters or watch. When you are called to the front, please arrive. If five minutes pass, you are considered forfeit and we will move on.


Rules (OOC):

1. Grindstone rules: 3 hit limit and ingame random generation.


2. The first six bouts will have a 'Last Stand' option. Last Stand is 100% OPTIONAL rule that allows people who have had horrible luck in their fight to mulligan their opponents would be knockout. This only is available if the end score is 3/0 and the person who would lose confirms with the 'Overseer' that they wish to use it or not. Only one per match. Win or lose it is to at least make sure one person is not terribly beaten into the ground due to RNG. Fight 7 and onward will not have this rule to make things end.

Do know that this Last Stand does not guaranteed you a win or a hit. You will only revert a possible 3/0 to a 2/0 and continue


3. We ask that combatants will get healed up, allowing the healer(s) we have on hand to enjoy some RP as well. 


---More will be added---


So far the positions we have are as followed...


Overseer Council:

1. Arala Makeo








If you like to be apart of the groups here, please post with character information and job. I may increase depending how far we get during xpac but for now, we will have these slots.


I highly encourage IC Pugilists or Monks even (Ala Mhigo's too!) to take the Overseer spots for authenticity of their moves and possible commentary. Oh did i mention that the council position is a collective and not one person manning it? Yep. Anyone who wishes to help can help. Be it advertising, snacks and drinks during the event or just plain make witty banter. 



We start signups the saturday before the event. Meaning you got a whole week to register. And yes there are limited slots so early is better if you can. However, we will deny repeated visits only if we get more than sixteen to encourage new blood and RPers here and there. So try to not sign up all the time if we start getting more than sixteen. 


Winners of these tournaments are encouraged to sign up again only because it gives IC reason for some to 'train' with that character. Hearing he is great at this.




Sadly...because of the theme of the expansion, we are going to locate this tournament in the new zone...which means no low levels can attend. I thought about doing it near Little Ala but it didn't feel right when the story is directing us to Ala Mhigo. It also makes IC sense considering what the purpose of this fighting tournament is. To raise morale and spirits, get people in the fighting spirit and train not just locals but each other. So yes while i am sad to lock out about half or more of the RP circle, this is an opportune time to start.



We know there will be some rough starts to this and hopefully support will be there. Please keep looking out for updates. I will be making a Google Document of this soon.


If this interests you at all, i would love to see support for this and make it a thing after the mass craze of leveling and gearing up as subsided. And spread word Ingame as well to redirect here. If they cannot contact on the forums, my characters I may be on are as followed...


FF14 characters: Arala Makeo, P'rita Kali, Alyx Quintessence.

Discord: Parth Makeo

Skype: parthmakeo

or if you need another contact, message me. I will not do my email.


Thank you and let's get this resistance started! :D

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