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--MMORPG background


I started with FFXI shortly after american release and played for about 2 years, then returned off and on until about last year. I was on Asura and playing as a Mithra Dark Knight named Lahin.


From there I skipped around on console based RPG/Action games and was luckily in the perfect place in my life for a new MMORPG when FFXIV came out. I played from my old companies' beta access (Gamestop) until they stopped updating character data somewhere around Halloween of last year. 



Around that time and until about January of this year I've played TERA, Guild Wars 2, and Secret World, but was greatly missing the companionship I acquired during my time in FFXIV, so I'm STOKED to be in the testing and development of the new rendition!


--RP experience


Little, though I greatly appreciate and think some of the effort put forth in developing character stories and interesting dialogue in some of the events I've witnessed. I was in a RP linkshell for a short time before it dissolved in FFXIV and had a fun time thinking of ways my character should interact with certain people or NPCs and so on. 


--Character ideas/info


Lahin Kameseri is a Hellsguard Roegadyn Male hailing originally from the woods of Gridania, as his parents were on a trading excursion and gave birth to him within the city limits, thus requiring Gridanian citizenship. You will spot him most often in Limsa Lominsa and the surrounding settlements.


His father is a now retired smith for the forces that guard local volcanic installations, and Lahin must take upon the hammer and anvil in order to appease not only his father, but also his twelve guardian Azemya. 


Instilled in him are the foundations of hard work, manual labor, trust, and integrity. He frowns upon theft (especially from caravans or laborers) and any intentional instances of wrongdoing to innocent hardworking people. 


Though pure at heart, he battles with a darkness inside. Doubt about his workmanship at times compared to his father, and the injustice abound in the lopsided world that is present after the events caused by the release of Bahamut, Lahin finds the job of the Warrior to be his most comfortable role, outside of mining for his materials needed to craft his arms and armor. 


He regrettably at times deals with the Seawolves for arms and armor deals, but a majority of his armor requests come from adventurers throughout the realm who have heard of his or his father's work. 


His face is scarred from hot ash and slag, as well as scratches from fiends guarding his favored mining locations. He is most often wearing an eyepatch to cover the worst on his left eye. 


(( All his DoW/DoM classes are at 50, ARM is at 50 with weaver, leatherworker, and blacksmith close behind))


--How did you learn about the coalition?


A member (Nee Ninean) referenced me here.. we have owned the same link shell for almost two years I think. 


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


I'd like to start light to get my bearings but eventually get up to medium. Personal life keeps me from making major obligations for events and such so heavy is out of the question. 


--Anything from real life you are comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


I manage and will eventually own my father's ice cream restaurant in the next few years, provided he actually retires.. 


I am a soon to be father, married for almost a year now, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. 


I am in a local car club (Subaru) and wrench on my car in my limited spare time outside of other activities. I also am an avid gun owner and shooter.  

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