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Eternal Bond Partner for Items?


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LF Eternal Bond Ceremony Partner on Balmung:moogle:

aka All I want for Christmas are cute items! ^^;

So...I don’t do RP relationships. I tend to avoid romance in RPs nowdays because of personal reasons. But I have wanted the Wedding items forever and I have no way of getting them as a one-some. So..asking for some help!~

Instead I’d like to do a OOC Wedding with someone who wants the items like me. Most people I know in game are already hitched IC or OOCly :( so...I resorted to asking around.

We would have to arrange it on a day we are both free. With the holidays coming up I will be free a lot...so this is the perfect time!

My proposal~

1. We can get divorced afterwards if you wish. No hard feelings. ^^; 

2. It won’t really be a big deal, I just want the items. (My character also IC is a runaway bride from the far east so the ring would be nice for her story tee hee.)

3. I will pay the $20.00 for the Platinum if you wish as you are doing a favor for me!

4. I will be forever grateful! ^_^;

I know this sounds weird, but yeah I’d like to get those items, so if you are interested send me (Mia Takahashi) a message. ^^; 

I figured I would post it here since I'm trying to find someone interested. ^^;

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I hope you can find someone! I think the official forums has a matchmaker thread kicking around someplace, you could always look there, too, to maximize your net-throwing, as it were.


As a sidenote though: If you get divorced, you won't get to keep the ring, as that's how the divorce process works in-game. You have to talk to an NPC to get rid of the ring. You do get to keep all the other stuff, at least.

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Sorry I haven't replied till now (I've had a headache for two days straight it has been hard to keep track of things!), a person PMed me here the other day and as long as I am able to get in contact with them by the end of the week I will go with them. ^^; But if it falls through I will let you know!~

I appreciate everyone's kindness! :D

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