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Keeper Miqo'te for RP Contacts and Social Partners

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[align=center]tl;dr I want some chums to RP and host events for[/align]





I've been encouraged by 'anonymous' sources to create a post on this part of the forum in an attempt to find some more like-minded individuals I can meet and hopefully Role-play with for some time to come. With that in mind, here's the skinny.



My character -- Sahja Maimhov -- is a Keeper of the Moon whom has recently entered the perilous trade of adventuring, bearing that in mind I am not looking selectively for other Keeper roleplayers; My views are grander and more open on the situation so I'd like to find any fellow Adventurers, Mercantile folk, Hired Hands, Bounty Posters etc etc no matter their age, race or beliefs. Or really to meet anyone that wants a boisterous, witty, know-it-all Cat to talk to.


So if you give out jobs or just want a partner in crime to take down some thugs for a spot of Gil then I'm your girl. I have experience doing DM'd events as both a participant and a GM and I would like to give others the opportunity to come along and do events that I create.


Aside from this, any invites to Linkshells out there that offer a good home for RPers would be appreciated (I'm already on the EU RP LS). I also currently have a nice cosy home with a Free Company so I'm not looking for that at the moment, thank you!


Can message me in-game or reply here if you'd like to meet, even if it's just for a pint at the local watering hole.




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Well then! This I can probably help with a bit more! :lol:


Right out, I can easily throw Kasi at you here, considering that she's a mercenary, trader, bounty hunter and griller. She's also a bit of a Miqo'te supremacist and falls most closely as lawful neutral, with some evil leanings. If Sahja is in that same realm, there might be some other things too. Sahja can run into her out on the road, by camps (for trade or cooking), in taverns (for drinks and checking the job boards), or even in the middle of a job (potentially even as an opposing merc). You can read the full spill on her bio page in my signature! 


Kasi can also involve Sahja in ongoing events too, as she's always looking for some extra help with jobs or storylines. Admittedly, most of my storylines are currently in the process of wrapping up here in the next week for the holidays, but stuff will kick back up once we're past the holiday activity freeze. Kasi can bring her up to speed on events so far though, if nothing else, to be ready for when things kick back up. Kasi is also certainly willing to toss in for stuff Sahja may be working on too and need help with.


If you choose to get involved into the ongoing storylines, and you're interested in getting more interaction with other Miqo'te, I can probably introduce you to the Shroudwolves as an ally too. You don't need to join the FC!


If you're looking for wilderness encounters, traders, and general survivalists of all kinds, then I'd also recommend ShroudLife too (linked in my signature). This is a networking linkshell more than anything else, so if you have due cause to interact with these types of characters often, you're more than welcome! I can invite you into both the Discord and the Linkshell in-game if you're interested.


Generally I'm available in the evenings from about 5-11 PM CST and all day on the weekends, if that helps. Just lemme know!

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Ah, excellent I'd enjoy being involved with some ongoing story lines or newer ones starting after the holidays, being allied with another Free Company is a good opportunity not only for me but for my own FC too! From what you've mentioned and what is written on the Wiki page (Which looks very nice by the by ) I think Sahja would get along just dandy with Kasi.


I do have Discord installed but I frequently forget to open it up, not really an avid user of it. Not sure why, just something about the program doesn't click with me the way forums do. But even still I might as well join the Discord server just to be 'in the know' (My username there is Ashjur#7867) as well as joining in with the Linkshell. Exploring the wilds and meeting other people sounds ideal, but my character isn't quite a 'Nomad'. Just a curious traveller that would come across other travellers and nomadic folk.

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I'll try to tap you in-game as soon as I can then! I'll add you on Discord in the meanwhile. And thanks! 


I admit that I tend to be one of ye olde forum goers as well, but a huge bulk of the FFXIV community is on Discord, so I ended up having to take the plunge here. I don't use the Discord application itself, though- I use the web GUI instead (bit lighter on the usage, I think).

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