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I made my first Signature

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It took me an hour and a half (mostly fighting fonts to see what would be readable and at what size) to create this after transcribing what I heard from the theme song found earlier. I used the lyrics for the text and cropped one of the very obvious FFXIV images we've seen floating around. I made it using GIMP 2.


But I did it. It is my first one. Ever. :D

Now, what do you all think?

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I'm going to try again when I get my hands on photoshop. There should be some way to outline the text so that it is readable over darker areas.



There is, you can select the area around the text with a wand, then inverse the selection and expand it out slightly. Fill that area with a color for an outline and tweak it from there. You could also copy the text layer, scale it up slightly and make it a different color. Then arrange the layers to make it appear like an outline. Or if you hate yourself and your fingers you can sit there and manually draw the outline for each letter D:

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I LOVE ADOBE CS4!!! I fixed a few of the issues that were addressed. I used the blending options that Soren Miren was talking to adjust the inner stroke, add an outer glow, and drop a shadow beneath the letters. Then I feathered around the text layer.

Edit: I also changed text font from Vijaya to Vivialdi.


After (Using Photoshop CS4):




Before (Using GIMP 2):



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