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Hello! ::hands waffles::

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Hi everyone!


I'm new to RP and have been working on my IC description. I welcome any feedback and please to meet all of you!


Sashi Honeybear - IC




  1. Accepting
  2. Adorable
  3. Generous
  4. Grateful
  5. Sweet

Traits that are a Work in Progress

  1. Moody
  2. Tenacious
  3. Nervous
  4. Wishy Washy
  5. Anxious


  1. Bubbly
  2. Scattered brain
  3. Derp
  4. Awkward
  5. Goofy


  1. Cooks wearing gloves
  2. Love eating sticks of butter
  3. Flails when getting an exciting thought
  4. Eats straight butter
  5. Has an insatiable need/desire for waffles, preferably buttered


Self-Perception/Presentation & Interaction with Others

Sashi tries to convey a well-adjusted adventurer to new people she meets. She openly offers her skills in the healing arts and magics, as well as her crafting specialities in alchemy.  However, the perception she has of herself is quite different. She’s shy and nervous of being accepted into a group of adventurers but tries her best to connect with others through listening about their stories and finding common connections. She loves helping others but tries to keep herself closed off due to the past hurts she’s experienced with people she became vulnerable with. However, with patience and time, Sashi deep down wants to have strong connections with others.



Sashi’s nameday falls on the 26th Sun of the 6th Astral Moon, with her Guardian being Thaliak, the Scholar. She is aware of her nameday & guardian because of a small pendant she has always had since she can remember but does not know how it became a possession. She was confused as to why Thaliak was on the pendant, as she became more aware of The Twelve. If that truly was her nameday, then her Guardian surely must have been Nophica. Sashi has accepted that there must be a reason behind the conflicting meaning of her pendant but has yet to find a resolution.


From http://finalfantasy.wikia.com

Thaliak, ruler of rivers and wisdom and god of knowledge, commands the element of water and is tied to the Second Astral Moon (third month). He is depicted as a reserved scholar holding an ashen staff, and his symbol is the scroll. Thaliak is also Byregot's teacher, and the patron of Sharlayan.



Nophica, tender of soils and harvests and goddess of abundance, commands the element of earth and is tied to the Sixth Astral Moon (eleventh month). She is depicted as a jubilant farmer holding a steel scythe, and her symbol is the spring leaf. Nophica is also the patron of Gridania.


Sashi was born into wandering family of warriors and battle mongrels. She was the 7th child of 13 children in total and one of two girls. Her father had plans for her to be the camp’s culinarian and forager; therefore she learned early on the different species of plants, trees, flowers, fruits and vegetables. In her early years of learning the trades, she found that speaking to the plants yielded great harvests and expansive blooms. If a neighboring farmer was struggling with a particular crop, it was known that Sashi could walk through groves, speaking in her sing-song manner and within the fortnight, the crops would perk up and start bearing fruit. 


She started to realize that she had healing powers within her voice; very strong healing powers. She didn’t understand any of it, except when she looked at nature, she could see the aura of the living and understand it. Once this realization became clear, she could no longer deny that she was meant to use this gift for good, for much more than speaking to plants. She begged her father to leave the family to venture to Gridania to become a student in the healing arts and magics. He vehemently refused and promised that if she spoke of this again, he would make sure that she could not continue foraging. He would make her a warrior and ensure that she saw more death than life. 

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