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Approachable characters directory

Gideon Aryeh

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Here is a list of approachable characters for those who are having issues finding roleplay. Please feel free to list your characters if you are willing to participate and allow those new to the community to be added to their FL lists and be approached randomly. Please list your playtimes, rp styles as well as best times to contact/rp with you


*For those who are using this list to find people to approach/rp with please be mindful that the person that you are trying to approach may be ooc at the time and may be unavailable for rp at that *moment*


*Do NOT put your name on this list if you are *never* available for rp with someone new. If you are *always busy/ooc* then your name should not be on here. Lets not waste anyone's time.*



Cy'xanne Tora

Mornings/Early Afternoons from Monday - Sunday EST


RP Style: Conversational, short faster responses mixed with short emote posts. If you are a paragraph rper you may want to reconsider rping with me if you prefer to rp with para-rpers. I have a preference for fast moving conversations instead of longer more detailed posts to keep up the tempo of the rp.


Dark storylines are fine. Maiming and Killing are not, period.


*Gideon is not included on this list.*

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Although it hasn't been pruned in a while, I think this has already been done here:

Directory of Contacts for New Players


I remember it, I thought about resurrecting it but didn't want to in case many of those names aren't playing anymore. I'll add my info there too, though shouldn't it be pruned first before resurrecting it? We wouldn't want anyone to contact anyone who isn't playing anymore right? Or anyone on there who doesn't want to participate in this sort of thing anymore.

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I'd be more than happy to invite more RPers onto my FL!


Please! Feel free to hit up Nicholai Eboncrest for RP! As for me as an RPer, I often like to RP in the past tense, rather than the present. However, I'm not picky who uses what. I like to consider myself a Mirror RPer, meaning I tend to adjust to the level and intricacy of posts my current RP partner is using, so, if you see me making long posts with one person, don't be discouraged if you aren't capable of making posts that are as long. I'm happy to adjust myself to your comfort level.


My motto is always to have fun!


Little bit about my character:


Name: Nicholai Eboncrest


Race: Midlander (Ala Mhigan)


Age: 35


Disposition: Usually witty, outgoing, and occasionally snarky. Likes a good drink!


Occupation: Sellsword


If you see me around the Quicksand or anywhere else with my RP tag up, don't hesitate to hit me up, and, if I don't respond, I might be afk or not paying attention. Just send me a tell to let me know you're emoting at me. I'm usually around in the evenings, and/or on my days off.

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