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The Wanderer's Shadows


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[align=center]"One never reaches home, but where friendly paths intersect the whole world looks like home for a time." - Anonymous Vagrant[/align]



Wanderers, Vagrants, Vagabonds, Ne'er-do-wells, Teachers, Thieves, Explorers. 


Many fall under the Wander's Shadow, and there are those that are bound in a fraternity underneath that shadow. At least, that is the rumor. No one knows for certain, but there are stories. Tales about a secret group dedicated to Oschon, that wander the through every nook and cranny of the world, and share what they find there with each other. Some say they take action, depending on what they find. No one really knows for sure.


OOC - This is a cross LS shell, designed specifically to intersect linkshell lines and involve characters throughout the community. It is an IC method for information of all sorts to be distributed through out the RP community. It should be noted that from an IC standpoint this is a secret society. A basic rule, unless your character is in it, your character has most likely never heard of it.


If you are interested in having your character be a current or new member of the Wanderer's Shadows, please drop a PM to Yssen Van or Zesiro Ghalib.


[align=center]"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Anonymous Vagrant[/align]


[[tab 2]]

From an IC standpoint, this shell is a secret society. A fraternity of like minded individuals that gather information and share what they find with one another. The entire concept is to try and help bind the community together through the IC flow of information. In that spirit, players are encouraged to be participants or members in other link shells. All the better to have the IC information flow about ICly through the Wanderer's Shadows chatter. While this participation in other LS's in encouraged, it must be stated that it is by no means a requirement. Freelancers are just as welcome as those with a "home LS."


[[tab 3]]

The network of the Wanderer's Shadows has suffered a bit in the five years since the Calamity, mostly as a direct result of Linkshells being rendered useless in the wake Dalamud's impact. Those members who have remained active in the past five years have had to adapt to using the mail system put into place by the Moogles. Coded language and ciphers were created, and became common place among the fraternity. Now, with Linkshells once again being able to be used, the Wanderer's Shadows have put their focus on distributing Linkpearls to current, new, and potential members of the fraternity. They are pouring their current efforts into re-establishing a faster method of communication and information flow, while at the same time making sure that the information they are currently sitting on is quickly supplemented with the newer information their membership is able to glean. They are keenly interested in monitoring the current threats facing Eorzea (the Empire, the Primals, the Beast Tribes, etc.), and ensuring that there are no threats that have managed to slip under the fraternity's radar during the past five years. They are also continuing to push effort into their constant initiative to explore and gather information about the people, phenomena, and hidden mysteries of the lands of Eorzea herself.


* A small note. The above has been presented for informative purposes only, please do not take it as something your character would know ICly. (Unless your character is a member of the Wanderer's Shadows of course. ;p)

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So as it stands now, This is still a Linkshell? Or is it or are u planning to have a Free Company in place of a Linkshell or possibly both?


Since i know the Max # of folks allowed in Linkshells I "think" is fewer then in Free Company's i was curious.


I kept this thread subscribed as the concept when I originally came across it seemed pretty cool and appealing. I'm not sure i'm up to jumping into ANY Free Companies right away post launch. I'm a bit of a loner and ive only made exceptions on rare occasions in joining RP crews in the past and that was only after observing some of the stuff they did in game and feeling out the various members through random convo.

But if this is still set for now to be a Linkshell at Launch at least I dont see why i couldnt take interest in it since we are allowed up 8(correct #?) Linkshells I may b willing to keep a Linkshell spot open to check this one out ^_^

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You can have 1 FC. You can have up to 8 LS's. LS's max players is around 128 I believe. I don't know how many people FC's can have though.


Ah so i remembered the LS # right and that 128 player per LS sounds accurate as well.


The Wanderers Shadow does sound like it has a good background to operate from a Linkshell perspective for sure.


It's kind of the top of my list of random Linkshells ive scouted to consider....not that ive scouted others yet besides my making 1 or 2 random ones for my own use just in case i find i would like to have a few to my own name and want to get ahold of names just in case lol.

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