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Gelmorra or Where In The World Is Duskwight Sandiego?

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What I got from the PotD questline (and the side quest that introduced the Duskwight archeologists that were rudely tossed away for a Tactics Ogre reference) is that essentially Gelmorra is pretty much abandoned at this point in time.

Reading through the Gridania thread, there's mention that Gelmorra isn't abandoned.


So which is it? A CHARACTER'S LIFE LIES IN THE BALANCE (insert flailing here)!

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Gelmorra is literally huge. It seems to cover a huge chunk of the Shroud, or at least all around Gridania. Most of it is deserted but Duskwights are said to squat here or there. We also see Gridanians squatting some of its parts, like in the Mun-Tuy segments.

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