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Heavensturn Resolutions That Will Most Certainly Be Ignored


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With the turn of the cycle, many people make promises to themselves and those around them as a symbol of change and coming into a new time of life. 


And many are ignored.


Unrealistic promises, laziness, bizarre circumstance, something comes up and there's always an excuse for it. What resolutions does your character(s) make that inevitable fall through?


Kaiya resolves to be more social and meet new people. She will likely fail utterly.


Alasarnil has never been one for the heavensturn promise, and thus avoids the entire mess altogether.

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Zhara actually has a few resolutions!: 

1. Learn and train to be a pugilist. 


2. Figure out how to use the soulstone she was inherited. 


3. Keep her friends and family safe from danger. 


4. Marry her boyfriend. 


Will she fail or succeed at these? Who knows.

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Sapphire reminded me... Aghurlal's not one for seasonal celebrations, but if there's one thing he's going to be trying to do going forward, it's getting a true handle on the soul crystal that's currently entangled with his consciousness. It's caused several problems for him already, and he's yet to scale the learning curve sufficiently that it's done anything useful. He wants to change that... for the sake of the people around him as much as anything.

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