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Looking for an RP Group or Friends

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Or a group of friends. Or anybody, I'm not picky. :P


To go into a little more detail, I am looking for some contacts for my Keeper male, Ahzra'li. I don't have a bio for him yet, but I'll write out a bit of info here:



Full Name: Ahzra'li Lhomi

Sex: Male

Race: Miqo'te / Keeper of the Moon

Age: 22

Orientation/Sexual preference: Bisexual, but incredibly selective. He refuses relations with any Miqo'te females.

Birthplace: The Black Shroud

Current Home: Varies. He tends to wander the Black Shroud, and occasionally ventures south into Thanalan.


Personality: Distrusting, solitary, and typically armed with cutting remarks, there is little on the surface to suggest Ahzra'li is anyone worth wasting time on. Those forced to endure his presence would eventually see the other side of him: He is a questing soul, following where his heart takes him. He does not think overmuch about helping the lost or the injured (so long as they are of a race he has no qualms with). He is made of both strength and vulnerability, hinting at far more beneath the surface than what his first impressions leave.

Strengths: Ahzra'li is an impressive hunter, having lived on his own for so long. He has an endearing passion for flora, born of foraging and relying on herbs for healing. He also tends to have a sturdiness to him that is difficult to find; Few things can break his calm, composed demeanor.

Weaknesses: Distrusting of other races, and especially of Miqo'te females. His distrust usually comes out as disinterest or cutting, tactless remarks. This distrust bleeds into many different aspects, most notably refusing to rely on anyone else for anything.

Quirks: He has an intense phobia of any and all magitek. Though very knowledgeable about life in the Black Shroud, he is laughably clueless about most things beyond it.


History: ...You'll have to get to know him to find that out. :evil:





What I am looking for:



Ideally, I would like to find a group (FC or LS) with a heavy-RP atmosphere, preferably adventurers or really anything that doesn't restrict RP to cities or housing. Preferably, the group would be of all different backgrounds and walks of life. Something that would put him on a team is what I'm going for. I am going to pursue finding him some contacts in/around the Black Shroud, but I really enjoy playing him with that fish out of water concept.


Of course, friends and other folks outside of that are more than welcome. I am open to any plots who need an "NPCish" person to serve a purpose for their story. I am also open to romantic connections, so long as they are done tastefully. In other words, pretty much everything. :moogle:

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