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Hoo boy, it's been awhile since I've had to do one of these! To make it less stressful, I'm just gonna follow the stickied format!



--MMORPG background

My MMO history is mostly tied up with the Everquest series. I also played FFXI for awhile. I honestly haven't played anything of note that's newer than those due to other stuff coming up between now and then :( . But here I am, back in the MMO world after a long hiatus!


--RP experience

I'd say my RP experience is pretty extensive, despite my long absence from it. I started out as a very very light RPer in Everquest. By that, I mean I probably wouldn't have even been considered a "real" Rper by communities like this hehe. A little too much ooc was mixed into what I did back in those days. So I was in a lighter RP guild that was largely a "cult" of female dark elves. It was pretty fun though! I eventually transitioned into much heavier RP when I joined a newly forming EQ2 guild called the Black Dawn. I was still kind of a RP noob here in comparison to the awesome heavy RPers that made up the core membership, but I still had such a blast here! The guild ended up disbanding not too long into the game's launch so I ended up freelancing for awhile, trying out a couple other RP guilds and eventually settling with an IC brewing company that did more sinister things behind the scenes xD.


My time in FFXI was not fun through a RP standpoint. I couldn't really find much RP and didn't really bother looking too hard to be honest, which I regret :( . But I still played the game for a few years and got through a lot of content there casually. I think I stopped right around the time the mini-expansions started coming out.


Hoping to devote more RP time to this new MMO though now that I'm back into the RP world!!


--Character ideas/info

My character, Vexra (last name pending), is largely going to be based on my previous incarnations of her. She will definitely be a dusk elezen. I'm still hammering out the details though. Personality, she'll mostly be the preppy and outgoing type. However, unknown to those she befriends, she actually is kind of a henchwoman/assassin for an npc boss of hers. I think it's fun to RP the henchman of the big baddies because most people use those types of characters as throwaways. But we henchpeople are people with our own stories too, y'know!! 



I'm still figuring stuff out though. I feel pretty rusty so I'm hoping it doesn't end up showing too much ; ;


--How did you learn about the coalition?

I googled ffxiv rp guilds.



--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Not 100% sure yet, but going to try heavy. May end up falling back into light-medium, but it'll depend on what kind of group I end up with.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Not yet. Had some issues that crossed over from the game world into real life in the past so I'm a bit cautious here now. Maybe later down the road though~


Hope to have fun with y'all in Hydaelyn!*


*(Eorzea? I hear both terms used and it's a tad confusing :( )

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Thank you for the welcomes~ :moogle:



Yay! More Duskwights! Welcome to the community, I look forward to seeing you in game. Out of random curiosity, what server were you on in XI? Also, feel free to ask many many questions, we are a friendly bunch here. ^ ^


I was on two servers in FFXI. Most of my time and accomplishments went to the character that was on Shiva, but there was a brief period of time where I went to Remora as well ^.^ . 



Eorzea is the continent, Hydaelyn is the planet. So both are accurate, in the same sense that "see you on Earth!" and "see you in Australia!" would be accurate.


Oooh, ok! Thanks! I'm starting to read up on lore on the wiki a little bit before I delve too much deeper in my character design :cactuar:

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Eorzea is the continent, Hydaelyn is the planet.  So both are accurate, in the same sense that "see you on Earth!" and "see you in Australia!" would be accurate.


If you wanna get really technical, Aldenard is the continent, and Eorzea is the region encompassing Aldenard and several surrounding islands, including Vylbrand, the large island Limsa Lominsa is on.


Yes, it's oddly complex, but (speaking of) as an Australian having grown up being taught the distinctions between Australia, Australasia, Oceania and the Indo-Australian Continental Plate, it could be worse.


Also hiiiiiii! I've kind of been giving EQII a go the last few weeks. It's ...not as bad as I thought. I like the Fae/Arasai. :)

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