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Dark Knight Character Help

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Hello there!


New to this community and while I've been role playing for years, I need some help developing a character. I'll also be transferring to Balmung in a few days or so for the abundance of RP that I hear is there. So, anyone wishing to help out a newbie when I arrive would be great! I have a 60 WHM/DRK that will be coming.


In any case, I'm fascinated with the DRK lore and interesting way they play tug of war with the Darkside and Abyss. So that's where I'm leaning to at this point. The trouble I'm finding is what suitable race to choose? An Ishgardian Duskwright Elezen would be nice, but the character model is just blah to me. Would it possible for a Ishgardian Hyur to exist?


My planning for backstory is thus:


No name (Because I haven't picked a race just yet), would be a husband and father of two. Generally I'm thinking a knight as a profession. That's also dependent on race. In any case, he is caught witnessing something or someone that goes against his better judgment and moral and tells the Holy See or someone higher up.


The next day, he finds his home aflame and his entire family dead. This would eventually cause the darkside to awaken and he is taken up by a sect of Dark Knights to train for many years before extracting his revenge.


Does this all sound lore appropriate? Any help you can give me would be amazing! Thanks!

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Spoilers for DRK chain and 3.0 MSQ.


Ishgard is populated by Elezen primarily, followed by Hyur. Either would be fine - your DRK class trainer, Fray Myste, is based on a genuine living Ishgardian Hyur Dark Knight. And the previous Azure Dragoon of Ishgard - premier among its formidable military - was a Hyur, too (Ser Alberic Bale). So although there are no Hyuran members of the High Houses, it's still possible for a Hyur to obtain, retain, and... lose... a high standing in Ishgardian society, especially via the avenue of becoming a military knight.


It's also worth noting that Ishgardian Elezen, ICly speaking, tend not to fall into categories of "Wildwood" or "Duskwight". Those are divisions that arose specifically from the unique living conditions in the Black Shroud, and they don't apply elsewhere. So Ishgardian Elezen are their own sub-race, with their own distinct and unique sub-racial trait (the blood of the great wyrm Ratatoskr flows through their veins, allowing them to transform into a dragon-like creature when fed dragonblood that was poured with great magick)...


...but since there's no "Ishgardian Elezen" character creator, it's each player's prerogative on what clan model they want to use to represent their character. FWIW, the majority of Ishgardian Elezen NPCs are on the Wildwood model.




I think everything else checks out. Nothing's screaming "that wouldn't work" to me. It's more likely that his darkside would awaken after he'd already received a soul crystal to allow it to, but it's not impossible for it to happen on its own, especially under such horrific circumstances (the Dark Arts originated from someone, right?).


It sounds like you already know a fair chunk of DRK lore, so this is more for the benefit of other people who might be reading the thread, but here's my write-up of all the DRK info I could find from the lore book.


Good luck!

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