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Possibly Returning?


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I dabbled here before before deciding I wasn't a fan of the game, though admittedly the wait to get to Balmung frustrated me entirely. I'm interested in trying again on a casual basis, and I have a few questions!


1. Is Balmung still the place to be?


2. The Sea Wolves/Hells Guard.... is there a decent population of them? I think I'll be going with them, and if not them, a Highlander. I'm looking for communities of either group!


3. Cake, Pie, or Cookies?

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1. Yes. However there are smaller communities on other servers. 

If you want to get into Balmung, the only way is through a paid transfer. 


2. I mean, they are not the most numerous for what I have noticed. But there are people who play as roegadyn and they're usually pretty nice. Highlanders are trending, no doubt thanks to the coming expansion :) The Ala Mhigan Resistance linkshell is super good for connections along those notes. 


3. Cookies.

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I suppose a follow up to that is... how strict are the transfer requirements? The character still have to exist for XYZ amount of time or does it have to be a certain level?


It might not be too bad if I'm forced to sit on my hands for a few days, if only because I'm approaching the three day stretch of my work week that leaves me ready for bed by the time I get home!

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I am currently trying to get a character onto Balmung, myself!  The requirements aren't that harsh.  Character must be 3 days old and have completed the introduction series of quests.


This page here will tell you all of the details far better than I can, but it's not bad.




Do remember this, though:  You can Xfer multiple characters with a single paid transfer.  If you plan on playing any alts, it would be best to roll them now and get them all in one swoop.  Save yourself some swag cash!

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