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Seeking Work or Employment

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Hello everyone! This is my first character on FFXIV that I have decided to get into RP with. As such I decided its probably best to make some connections!


As a side note. I am generally around in GMT times. However, as I work a real strange shift pattern chances are I will generally be around in American times too. I have plenty of experience RPing on various MMOs and through Pen and paper RPG games such as D&D. 


I am looking for a group that I can get myself in with that are noob friendly preferably. But alongside that I am more than happy to just develop a lot of friendships along the way with whomever pops up. I am not against conflict either and I am more than likely going to grate with some characters ICly!


For character information. Please check out Elysa' wiki page here: Elysa Aurum


As for finding Elysa in character I will likely be hanging around Ul'dah in the usual places you can find others!

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Well, for starters, Elysa could run into Kasi on the road as another mercenary. They could be doing the same job and end up as enemies potentially, or even meet elsewhere and take an entirely different course. It's all good fun to me! 


Another option (potentially a bridge-in from Kasi) is potentially getting in with the criminal underworld as a source of income and employment. Reading her biography seems to indicate it'd be the kind of thing that perks her interest, anyway- and Kasi could very likely point her into the direction of Mischief's Coven (what is essentially the mafia organized crime). There's a lot of side benefits to this kind of work too that might be appealing.


Both are discussed in-depth in my signature, but let me know if you have any questions! 


Hope this offers something of interest, but regardless, best of luck on the hunt!

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Excellent! I love the idea of both!


After having a look through both your characters page and the Mischiefs Coven page. I believe that it would likely be somewhere that Elysa would certainly fit in, especially with the lack of a moral compass she seems to have developed.


I would love for the two too meet and see where it goes from there. Whatever ends up happening (Whether that be recruitment or a rivalry would be great!) 


Thanks for getting in touch!

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