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Question about Lalafell


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Hello all, I wasn't sure if this is the right place to ask but it sounds the better place reading description...anyhow:


I was wondering, what do you all think is a natural hair color for a Dunesfolk Lalafell?

Of course I have read that Lalafell hair colors are often nature colored for camouflage against their mortal enemy: Roc. However would that be any color regardless? My Lalafell's background traces back to a desert in a whole different land (to uphold the arrival cut scene when you first start as 'not from Eorzea')


Granted it is a desert however where he lives the oasis is rich so also plenty of green (trees and plants) and blue (water) where he was raised. You all think this could have impacted his natural hair color? That is to say keeping in consideration his family has lived there for generations, being traveling merchants that travel that large desert to reach the 'closest' city to trade with. (Which is at a more coastal area)


Right now my hair color is sand like (desert) but I'd love to go green or blue teints, however I don't want to mess up his natural look. So I decided to come here and see what all your thoughts are!



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Honestly, I don't really think haircolor matters, just whatever you think is cool! However, the lalafell in Thanalan tend to have darker hair, blacks, dark browns.. seems like Dunesfolk tend to be darker in skintone and hair color but that doesn't mean you have to roll that way. I know plenty of Dunesfolk who have light hair color and light skin color, and of course there's Nanamo who has pink hair, green eyes and light skin. 


I think it's really all up to you. Have fun at the barber's!

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It should also be noted that the hair color to hide from Rocs is a Plainsfolk Lalafell trait, if I'm remembering my Lalalore correctly. They're the ones that came from islands and such where they'd have to worry about those kinds of predators. But in the end, yeah, I don't think people are going to get on you for having "incorrect hair color."

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