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Aldentale Investigations


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If you have a case we can solve it!


Aldentale Investigations is a (Role-playing) Company dedicated to solving varied mysteries and problems that come to our attention within Aldenard and it's surrounding islands such as Vylbrand, where our Company currently makes it's home. While we do at times take on pro-Bono cases, those are rare. That said, if you need our services and are short on Gil; we are open to trade and or exploring other payment options.


We employ investigators, a rounded array of researchers, engineers, a small medical and legal staff to help ensure you and your Case are well taken care of while we help you with your conundrum: be it some artifact, a curse, Voidsent troubles, a haunting or missing persons. We welcome open affiliation with other Companies, Free and otherwise; at our discretion.


Does any of this sound like something you could do? Or maybe you have a case you'd like us to work on? If it does we've recently opened our doors to new applicants AND clients!


What's your story?


For those seeking our services, please register your name and information below: and proceed to our Case Applications desk in the library on our sub-floor for further assistance.


For those seeking affiliation or representing those interested, please register your name and contact information below and take a seat in the Lobby. Someone will be with you as soon as possible.


For those seeking employment, please register your name and contact information below with Strongarm and proceed down the hall to our meeting room to finish filling out your application.


Those already employed needing to register under the new system, please report to the meeting room to fill out the required forms.


Thank you for your time and patience!


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I have to say this sounds like a pretty neat FC idea! 


So, rather than a client coming to you, what about an NPC client and you're investigating the players? Say, a particular thieves guild or the like? It might turn into an interesting game of cat and mouse. 


Not that I'd dare hint that such unscrupulous players exist, of course.

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We're actually running one case like that now for the Knights of the Barracuda out in Costa Del Sol; so yeah! That's entirely an option! We do ask that those kinds of things be kept within reason though. If you're curious about what kind of thing we would be doing or case we'd take in that direction just give me a poke here or on our forums and we'll see what we can work out.

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All right, after some questions and to clarify, we're recruiting the following:


A. Junior engineer -- would be learning and working alongside our master engineer to supply and help the company with case components as needed.


B. Detectives/Investigators -- 2 to 3 more investigators to work cases, all kinds welcome. Experience not necessary but preferred.


C. Security -- 2 to 4 defenders/fighters as security for other members and the business front.


D. Medic -- Holistic Alchemist or open minded healer preferred, to work alongside our current Mender.

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Still recruiting all of the above positions for those interested, and yes taking cases.

Feel free to message me here, or in any of the listed contacts if you're interested. <3


This FC sounds awesome, and I have two characters that could work for it! Could I chat with someone in game or through here on details?

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One of my alts would be interested. You can reach me in-game more likely on Andromeda Dulaque, but the character in question would be Illua Corcavo, looking to be an investigator.


My wiki pages desperately need revisions, so take Illua's with a grain of salt.

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Sorry for the late response! Been a long month full of events and recruits for us over here!


Our most active hours are from the afternoon to late at night (and sometimes through early mornings) eastern US time. Generally right now we're trying to aim at 8 pm EST fridays and mondays: though as we grow and eventually break into sections and teams the number of events will increase.


While we have not yet held a world-event; that's in part due to us just wanting to get our new members adjusted to the FC, how it works internally before working with how it works as part of the community.


As for informants! If you want to interact with us on that level as a part of our FC or even as a part of another FC to spread connections or even just have more interaction outside your usual circles? By all means, we welcome that! Just give us a shout here, in discord, on the site (you can apply even as a 'client' through the application questions) or drop by the house and try to catch us in game. Don't be afraid to PM me on my main in the FC Ferret Rushos, or my alts (I'll usually supply those on demand) if neccessary.


If you play in what we call a Grand Company FC, or an FC that plays out being in service to the local grand companies..? This applies too. Aldentale does do cases and try to work with the GCs in order to lighten their loads, generate extra income, and just.. generally make the work that much easier. So working with a FREE Company with that kind of build makes a lot of sense for us too.

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Just a quick update! We're currently full up on engineers/mechanics! xD


This doesn't mean we aren't taking more if interested in the investigations theme to the Company, just that we may ot have as much for Engineers to do! Keep in mind when applying that -all- types are included in some facet of the investigations.


Looking for IC:











Other positions are available! Send us a message OR poke me (Ferret aka Drax) or Shrianai on discord on either Balmund channel!

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