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Hi! I'm new to Balmung and recently got to level 60 on my only character M'ara Rahj. I haven't touched RP on this game because I can be terribly shy, but I RPed on World of Warcraft for five years. I'm almost desperate to start RPing since I have most of the story elements out of the way and have built up a decent background for her (and splurged on art).


Her RPC Wiki (under M'ara Rahj) explains what she's like much better than I can right now, but I'll break down her character!


She's young and naive, easily persuaded and susceptible to childish antics. She's incredibly easy to entertain, make laugh, or make mad equally. She hates being teased and can't take a joke at her expense for the life of her. She's a naturally lonesome person, but she's trying to come out of her shell more.


She considers herself a glamorous street rat. She's incredibly shallow and has a hard time saving gil because she always has the option to buy more shiny things. Much of her days were spent out on the streets of Ul'dah until she finally landed herself a job. All the gil she made was from performing simple card tricks and more advanced "celestial readings" from a tarot deck she bought from a random peddler.


Now, M'ara has actually begun to study Sharlayan astromancy (and is looking for a teacher!) She's always been fascinated with the stars and really wants to do them justice after flippantly abusing their divine nature for gil-making purposes... though she still won't refuse money to read them.


She's a shoddy medic and just wants to help people, even if they're convicted murderers with a knife to her throat. 


Feel free to poke me on game, here, or on tumblr!

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Your RPC Wiki link isn't quite right. Was confusing the hell out of me! I believe this is the correct link:






I can toss Kasi at you for one thing: she's kind of a Miqo'te-nationalist, plus a bit of a wandering freelance mercenary, trader, and cook to boot. That being said, she isn't necessarily a good person, though. She has significant connections to organized crime (see also: mafia), and can be something of a corrupting influence. So, there's really a whole lot of different directions all this could go, depending on what you like the most!

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Did I mess up the link? Thanks for the fix, I'll edit the post and stop confusing people. :x


Kasi might make an enemy out of M'ara, depending on how they interact. I'd be totally open to meeting her, however! It'd be great for her to learn about love for her people, something she lacks a whole lot of.

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No sweat! Just thought you should know. xD 


I don't mind an enemy for Kasi, to be sure! It certainly makes life interesting. Then again, she can get along with most anyone in spite of the fact she isn't necessarily a good person. She has her own sort of charm and doesn't usually give up a lot of the finer details of what she actually does. She certainly tries to be a good person to all Miqo'te, at least, since she considers them kin- she'll usually go out of her way to help one in need, too. It's kind of a grey area. Who knows?


They can run into each other along the road, a tavern, market, or Kasi can hear about M'ara and look for some amusement at getting her fortune told (might be kind of a dark fortune too, really). 


You're certainly willing to tap me in-game for an encounter, or I can try to hunt you down as well. Whatever works!

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