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The Grindstone Special V: The Valentione's Day Massacre part II! February 4th 2017

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Roses are red


We request your compliance


It's time for the next




It's that time again! The Grindstone has been diligently observing the masses turn up for fame and fortune week in and week out, as is our wont, but there's a small crisis on the horizon: After handing out nearly 30,000,000 gil since Independence Slay back in July, the coffers are almost empty!


So while love is in the air and chocolate is marked at a premium, it's time for the first Grindstone Fundraiser event of 2017!


If you've ever wanted to pick a fight with someone at the Grindstone, this is one of the rare chances anyone has to directly set up the match. So long as that person is actually amenable to the combat, you get your match if you put up the most gil for that person. If you're into that sort of thing, this also includes the people who stand around all hoity-toity on the rock.


So, what do we do with all of this money?


I put it into a big pile, documenting all of the incoming bucks on the spreadsheet (that's linked in my signature block, on the "Bids" tab!) and then dole out money to the winners of the Grindstone. We've got a long history of transparency and honest, as evidenced in the spreadsheets in my sig block: All of the winnings are accounted for and doled out!



How do I know you're not just going to take this and transfer servers?


You don't! If anything, take solace in the fact that you can't take more than 1m with you if you jump servers!


I don't fight at the Grindstone, but I want to give you money anyway because I'm a crazy person!


...okay! Get a hold of me via PM so we can arrange when to do the drop-off, all spy-like. If you want it to be OOC, that's fine! ICly might be a bit harder given the "we have no actual investors" fluff going on at the moment, but talk to me. We'll work something out.


We're also happy to continue to test The Whetsone.




Whomever winds up with possession of The Whetstone will have the ability to insert themselves in the final round of the Grindstone, no muss no fuss, even if they've already been eliminated for the night. There's more to it, but that's only pertinent to the holder.




The night of the auctions, I will be taking entirely blind bids for this item. I will not be updating the tracker or announcing the current top bid, and I will not be telling anyone who is winning until bids close. If you want this item, you must offer what you think it is worth. I do have a reserve in mind of what I think would be a fair price for it, so don't try to scoop it for 25 gil! Or do, I guess, but that probably won't work if last time is a precedent.


Questions welcome, clarifications available. We'll see you there on February 4th!








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