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The New Wiki Is Here!


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The New Wiki Is Here!




Hey Everyone! Please bear with me and pay close attention to the following post. I know it's long, but please read through it!


The new wiki is being launched today. While the overall layout is technically the same, there are some major overhauls you may notice. The RPC itself received a facelift recently, so we've decided to do the same for the wiki.


A few changes of note;


- Graphical Updates

- Log-in's are now tied with the forums. Please use your forum log in to access the wiki.

- Every page has been updated, formatted, and packed with as much lore as we currently possess. Please note, certain areas are lacking due to the much anticipated 2.0 lore bomb and NDA restrictions, so please be patient in their updating.

- Unused pages have been removed, or reorganized in to single pages. No more time spent search for those stray pages!



The biggest reason for a change to the new wiki was due to the catastrophic disorganization of our lore pages. We had attempted to work with the current wiki, but there was too much to delete and move that it was better starting fresh. So thank you all for your patience and understanding.


The plan for the new wiki is constant updating based on released information given to us by SE, you can count on information to be there in a clear, readable format, for your reference. Because of NDA and unreleased information, pages will be fleshed out as soon as the information is released.


Due to the transfer from the current wiki to a new one, your profiles have been moved, but you will be responsible for re-uploading any missing images images, custom templates and fixing any broken links (see note below). If something has gone terribly wrong with your profile in the move worry not, please just post here and let someone who can help know.

Updated: All profiles have been moved over, but a few of you have updated since that was done. Those of you that have, please copy your wikis over to the new one again, sorry!


In order to keep the wiki a safe, clean and organized place for adventurers to go, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind when using the new wiki;


- Please do not, and I cannot stress this enough, do not break NDA. If content is found breaking the NDA, it will be immediately removed and those involved will be spoken with by an admin.

- Please do not edit other peoples pages without permission.

- Please do not create stray pages, if test pages are required for you, please ensure they are deleted promptly. Do not create pages outside of character profiles. The wiki has been tediously organized, so if you have an addition, please bring it up in a thread.


A Few Observations;


- A few characters only had their first name listed in the character profiles list. Due to the possibility of name repeats, all characters should have their first and last names when creating a profile. This is to prevent and unfair decision in the event duplicates occur, and to make everything look cleaner. You can change your name at any time.

- I noticed a few profiles where people had some issues with their formatting. If anyone has questions about wiki formatting, or needs a helping hand, please ask anywhere on the forum!

- Because of the confirmation of apostrophes in in-game names, and the recent bomb of naming conventions, if you need to rename your character profile on the wiki please either ask for some help, or do it yourself! (Edit > Move > Rename the page to what you want it to be.)


A Note About Broken Links and Stray Pages: A part of what disorganized the previous wiki was the over abundance of random, blank pages created for personal categories, or personal links on profile pages. Please do not create random pages to link to your profile. If you wish to link a page, find the appropriate page that is already created, and link it like that, or suggest a page to be added to the wiki. Categories themselves, like Race/Citizenship/Player Character, are organized via the infobox template, present on every character profile. If you are using a custom template, please either use the provided template, or ensure your links are in working order. Not doing so could cause your profile to not be linked on the Player Character page! Do not create your own categories!


Some New Features!


-Citizenship has been updated! Citizenship for characters is now possible for; Ul'dah, Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Garlemald, Ala Mhigo, Ishgard and Sharlayan. Once provided proper flags by SE for the above mentioned, they will also be included. If you would like another citizenship added, please just ask and it will be done!

- Characters now have the ability to be organized by their citizenship!

- A 'Featured Page' has now been added! The featured page will feature a new character page each month, in hopes of boosting exposure to different characters!

- An updated home page for the wiki providing some beginner Q&A as well as some quick and helpful links!

- Wiki coding cheat sheet added to tutorials.


Old wiki located here: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wikiold/index.php?title=Main_Page

Note: The previous old wiki will be removed in a month. It is located here: http://www.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wiki2/index.php?title=Main_Page


Again, if you want to see anything added to the wiki, such as a new feature, please let us know!

Big thanks to Gospel, Knave, Mtoto, Xenedra and Kylin. We are looking at upgrading the coding behind the entire wiki in the future, any help would be appreciated!


If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them here! Thank you!


A Fun Extra: The cool thing to do on the wiki these days, besides creating and updating them, is adding rumours on your friends 'Rumour Mill' sections! Keep an eye out for this trending new addition on your friends pages! (Often labelled 'PC Rumours')


(Tl;dr?: Too bad, go up and read it all, it's important stuff.)

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I know the 'Recent Pages/SpecialPages/ect' are not working. They will work after a short time, the servers just need to refresh themselves. Thank you for noticing, and please report any other bugs!

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ALSO PLEASE NOTE: I know the 'Recent Pages/SpecialPages/ect' are not working. They will work after a short time, the servers just need to refresh themselves. Thank you for noticing, and please report any other bugs!


Just gonna re-emphasize this. If you're like me, spamming the "recent changes" link to see what's new is somewhat of a habit :lol:. We're aware that the link is presently broken but it should fix itself when Hostgator refreshes the server. I don't know how long this will be. It could be a couple hours or a few days. In the meantime, you can still click the link, then go up to the url bar in your browser and simply change "wikinew" to "wiki" and click enter. It'll take you to the recent changes page. I know it's a pain but it'll be fixed as soon as the server does its thing. -- Nevermind! Already fixed itself! Nothing to see here~


Another new neat thing (and one of my favs) is the new search bar features. Typing in anything will auto-generate pages you may want as you type. This makes searching MUCH easier so give it a shot~


Special thanks to Deir for all her hard work on this~. Also thanks to Xenedra who went through the brutal agony of uploading ALL (or close to all) of your old images one by one into your pages again. Thanks to Mtoto, Gospel, and anyone else who helped with the creation and/or testing of the new wiki!

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Valan, the answer is 'both'. If you'd like someone to place rumors on your wiki page, I believe most people are adding a section called "PC Rumors" (or something) onto their pages. This is the place where they would want others to put in some fun rumors about their characters, ICly of course!

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little question about the rumours mill: are we modify our pages, or the other people modify the pages?


Kerr is right. The basic rumours are your doing, a few people have decided to create PC Rumours where people can fill in their own rumours. Of course, you must be extremely careful when editing others pages, so if there is a note explicitly saying you can, then by all means. If not, it is best you speak with the person, maybe PM them, and offer the rumour. :)

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Just a heads up that the old wiki (http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/wikiold/index.php?title=Main_Page ) will be completely eradicated in about a week's time. There's no real use to having it anymore as everything has pretty much been transferred (including most images I think). I don't think there's anything left there that hasn't been transferred, aside from maybe some pieces of lore (in which case those pages will be copied over to the other old wiki for archiving purposes for now).

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