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Returning player, doing solo courtesan RP!


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Hello everyone! Name's Zakuro Shirogane, and I just re-rolled back into FFXIV after deleting my older character (which I now realize I could have just fantasia lol. Losing all that progress.)


Anyway, I was doing some 18+ Courtesan RP on Balmung a long time ago, but I didn't realize deleting my character would make me unable to create a character again. So I have a character I'm slowly leveling on another server, and found some players willing to indulge in my RP together with me while I settle back in.


Basically, my character's story is that she served her Lord Shirogane, a strong Auri Master with a large collection of courtesans and concubines of a Doman House that still stands, and provide service to many lords of the land. Zakuro, being his most trusted and faithful lover, along with a few others, is sent out into Eorzea to learn the techniques that satisfy Eorzeans to bring a little more spice into their work.


A mage by practice, Zakuro is also a potion-maker and can make some basic "accessory" salves and potions to assist courtesans like herself, with some special traits, such as a lotion that softens the skin and scents it, as well as removes all odors from it and replaces them with a flavor that's pleasant to taste, among other things.


I know it's not really seen as a good thing, but I found a post with a GM saying that eRP with payment was allowed as long as it didn't involve RMT. So she charges gil for high quality service from her (Between 50,000 - 250,000 gil, the latter for complete service and company) and serves mostly only men, though if they want a second partner to join in, she'll charge a little more for it (up to 50,000 more). She isn't against serving women too, or teaching them her ways, she just enjoys men better but is open-minded.


She's well-read and educated, and her lover writes to her regularly to hear of her accomplishments, which she's trying to achieve. They do love each other very much and have a strong relationship of trust after some conflict in status, so it doesn't come between them. Her service is strictly business, with some deep friendships formed (Though Lord Shirogane's player hasn't returned but we're in touch, and he's fine with someone else playing him too).


Anyway, what I'm looking to find is working up a good rep, good writing and some interested clients! I do need the gil to level and whatnot, but I do my best to write well and some of the gil will go towards certain glamor items to help with aesthetics for her clients. Returning clients also get discounts over time, and I'd love to write with people!


I'm usually around for a bit during the day before work, and then after at nights (EST), so currently, if you're around on Coeurl and looking for some courtesan service, feel free to hit me up until I can get on Balmung again! Also, because of the nature of the RP, I'd prefer writing with players who are 18+ so as to not get into trouble (Zaku herself started as a courtesan at age 13, but became lovers with her Lord at 16, and is currently 23 of age.)


On that note, are there any FCs in Balmung that could help me progress Zakuro's story? Sorry this got so long, hope I didn't mess up...

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Thank you so much for the welcome and info!! I'm grateful for the heads-up, and I'm hoping I can transfer soon enough. Paying a fee of earnings isn't too bad if it helps the FC, so I hope I can eventually start making enough to pay it back when I do!

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Hello and welcome back to Balmung and the RPC! Sounds like quite the business you run. I think there are a few FC's that would cater to that type of playstyle that you will find on Balmung. You may also want to check out the event calendar to get a feel for them and see what matches your storyline and character best.


Best of luck and let me know if you have any questions!

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Hey there,


You might get a bit more luck over at Darknest in terms of finding the type of roleplay you're after. (NSFW warning for that site though. Don't go there at work!)


I believe there's another Courtesan FC, the Bandee Pakshee, about and around as well. I think they got a Tumblr page as well, so you might give those folk a peek as well. That said, I got no clue about their rules as I know very little of that side of Balmung, but I've seen their (pretty) posters passing by on my dashboard.


Best of luck!

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