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Boy seeks boy for romantic, long-term RP...

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Hello there, and nice to meet you!


Recently I posted an ad looking for an RP partner. I found one! Just so it's proper, I've decided to edit this ad and change it to a simple hello. 


It's wonderful to meet you all, and thank you so much for the warm welcome! If you ever need help in game or just a buddy to talk to, please feel free to drop me a line. (If I'm AFK chances are I'm asleep xD


Leto Estel,



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You also might try making a post in the 'Making Connections' thread on this site, more people look there for RP and such than they do here I believe. Anyways good luck on your search!


Exactly this.


Nevertheless, since this is the Welcome Desk, after all...


Welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:

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