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Seeker of the Sun Parent/Siblings

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Not sure if this is the right board. But when I first made my Miqo'te I was ignorant of the lore for naming so I plan on renaming my character.

Given the opportunity I thought I should check if there are any Nunh RPers that would have adult-aged children to use as a last name, create a more consistent world for the server.


Or any female tribal seekers that wouldn't mind being (half-)sisters by virtue of being sired by the same Nunh.

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If you haven't yet selected her origin tribe, the NPC father of my character was O'rhen - so if you want to use him, your character's first name would begin with O' (for her origin tribe) and her surname would be Rhen.


O'rhen was a bully and a despot, though, and maintained a posse of tia whom he used as enforcers in exchange for granting them favors from women of their sect of Mole Tribe (which I depict as being just one of possibly several sects, so that if anyone else happens to be from that same tribe there's no clash of storytelling, their character and mine were just from different sects of the same tribe) if said women were out of favor with him. He was killed 15 years ago, though. You can read more about his downfall on Sena's RPC wiki page, linked in my signature.


Just an option if you want it. :) If you're hoping for a PC father for your character, I wish you luck! I haven't run into very many Nunh players who reliably commit to long-term RP. Doesn't mean they don't exist, it just seems uncommon.

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I haven't run into very many Nunh players who reliably commit to long-term RP. 

I'll consider that. My character has a tribal letter already "B" but I'm not really committed to it. As for it being "long term" that doesn't necessarily need to be the case since I figure most Nunhs probably could sire around a hundred children in 5 years if their tribe could support it (using the 1male:20female birthrate I've seen floating around).


I mostly just wanted to ask around to make the local setting more cohesive. There's nothing to really commit to since ICly a Nunh with children entering adulthood would have been active for at least 20ish years and probably have dozens of daughters.

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