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Let's do this one more time...


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Hi!  So, I'm a returning player who made an account here long ago when I played the game. I tried a bit of RP here and there, but I never really settled in and eventually left FFXIV after only a short time playing.


Years later and I'm back in FFXIV after eyeing it for nearly a year.  A few weeks ago I made a new account here, posted a welcome thread... then forgot my login details.  However, in my hunt for credentials I remembered this old account and thought to make use of it.  I felt a new introduction thread would be appropriate before I start advertising my character and looking for RP on an account with no history. :lol:


I've been back in the game for nearly 3 months now.  It took some time (and money, I think I've fantasia'd at least 10 times, often just for little details like eye color) but I finally settled into a character that I really like after bouncing around between several concepts.  I've had her for an entire month now so I think it's safe. :P  


Oh, I also dedicated this weekend to creating and finishing a wiki for her!  This is the first time I've made one and I will probably touch it up a bit over time, but I think it's good to go for now.  I also have some awesome art in the works for Lia and I'm really excited about establishing some RP connections in the near future.  


So again, hello to all, and I hope to see you around!

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Hello and welcome back to Balmung and the RPC! That is good that you are finally getting settled in on a character concept that will help going forward with getting your RP network established and can definitely help you stay engaged with the game.


Let me know if you have any questions or are ever looking for someone to RP with!

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Thank you both for the welcomes.


I'm definitely planning a connections thread after I work on Lia's wiki a bit more.  Want to include some details I feel are pertinent and flesh out some of what's already there.


I'll be sure to reach out with any questions and/or RP ideas as well!

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Welcome to the Community, I hope you find everything your looking for and if not please feel free to send a private message and I'll be glad to help you along the way! Some Sections of the Site you should check out:


[ Listing ] Free Company Listings.

Great Place for you to find a home of like Minded Individuals.


[ Listing ] Linkshells

Great Place if your already in a Free Company to find a Linkshell to Broaden your Potential for Excellent RP.


[ Listing ] RP Events

These are a list of all Server Related RP Events. Great to get involved with various Free Companies and Linkshells as well as Random Individuals to build your characters networking potential!


[ Listing ] Making Connections

Lastly, A great resource to utilize. If your looking to make more private connections or connections with groups this is the place to go!

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