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Hello! 8-)


Just joined the site, thought i'd post alittle something in here! I'm Derek, but you will all be knowing me as Niklaus in-game! (Except he dislikes being called by his full name, prefers 'Klaus' :evil: ) I just started beta last weekend and it is safe to say I am in LOVE with this game, and I'm so excited to join the roleplaying community here! I'm currently playing on the ****** server but obviously will go wherever the roleplayers may be come launch. I have played many MMO's, and roleplayed in almost all of the ones I have played but the bulk of my RP was SWG on Starsider back in the day, haha. My biggest question right now, is there any plans for a Miqo'te only RP guild?! There has to be with all the kittys running around :D. Well that's it for now, nice to meet you all! See you in-game soon, hopefully :)

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Hi! Welcome to the community! We are always pleased to meet new people, and I totally look forward to seeing you in game. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. The people here are friendly and helpful. As you browse around you will see that there is a Skype thing that we all chat in OOC and even and IC chat thing for character interaction. Feel free to send me a PM if you want into either. 


One side note. The first rule of beta is don't talk about beta (until the NDA gets lifted). Not a huge deal, just mentioning it by means of educating. Have fun out there!

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Welcome to the RPC! :moogle:


The good news is I think we're only a few weeks away from Phase 3 beta when apparently the NDA will be lifted and we can all talk a little more openly and breathe a little more easily. So like Yssen said it's probably best to keep tight-lipped about it for just a little while longer~


Any idea yet about what kind of a character you will be RPing? 8-)

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'Ro! It's been so long since I've greeted someone. Hurray! I'm glad the population is swelling now.


I haven't heard of a Miqo-exclusive RP guild yet, but maybe I'm not looking at the directory right. O.o; Regardless, it's a very interesting idea. Too bad there aren't enough Roes for a Roe-only guild.

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