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Officially Joining the Community

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Salutations everyone,


I am a long time lurker and old game deserter. I have returned with no plans on leaving due to having found more purpose. I'm happy to see the roleplaying community still in operation and hope it only grows from here. Pleasure to meet you all, hope to see you at some point. Until then I'll be busy working up profiles for my many (7) characters whilst working up recruitment posts and the like.


It's high time I made a real presence I feel. Thanks for your time. If you want to know more about me.. I'm using the template below.


--MMORPG background - My first as I am sure with most was World of Warcraft for nearly a decade. I played Wildstar and ESO for about a year. Pre-Wow however I played little flash MMO's... sort of? I'm not sure if they count but one in particular that had my attention was this little game called NosTale.


--RP experience -I have been roleplaying tabletop for 24 years and in MMO's for nearly 12 years now. Typing that out has made me feel old. I'm going to go play with action figures in hopes that they will impart youth upon me.


--Character ideas/info - I'm not sure exactly what is being requested from the template here. I like to play around with different variations of similar personalities to unlock hidden potential in my own.


--How did you learn about the coalition?


When ARR released I was heavily attracted to it. I got the game immediately after I found out it was coming out but I always want to roleplay eventually. So I hunted down the player labelled servers then camped Balmung for 24 hours. Found a window and made 8 characters, caution to the wind. As a result I don't fit any naming conventions; however, I never really payed much attention to those. I'm a terrible person I know.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


From what lurking I have done there doesn't appear to be a widely agreed on opinion pertaining to these labels, so I shall apply my own. I'm what I consider a heavy roleplayer in that I am IC majority of the time. I don't walk all over the place (unless the character I am on warrants such behavior. Lektrie for example. ) but I react if there is a reaction to be had to things happening around me in the realm of IC.


I hold the belief that there is no such thing as private RP. That is to say if your actions and speech are out in the open and you are having a private conversation that can be overheard, I'll be polite and not interrupt until you say something racist about Lalafell. Then I will speak my mind as a Lalafell, to hell with your private conversation.


I believe that this is how open world RP breathes and changes to fit situations, as in life.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)


My hobbies include Gaming. In general. I'm an old FF Fan as well as a Zelda fan. (I will disappear for about a week March 3rd. ) I like creepy music box music and dark humor (and ladies I'm single! )


All that being said thanks for even more of your time and thanks Kylin for the template, that made it easier. Filled with characters to roleplay, not a character myself in text. Oh sweet irony. :tonberry:

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Well I'd like to Welcome you Officially to Hydaelyn's Roleplayers Coalition!


We have a plethora of information stored within the pages of this community. Lore discussions occur all the time, Free Companies and Linkshells looking for members, Server wide events and so much more! After reading your post I'm more excited that you decided to stop by and say Hello! So Hello! Anyways if your ever online and I am too feel free to Whisper me @ Ryslo Suramlo. I'm always open to random encounters and offering warm greetings to any Rper that may approach!


Oh and I too play a Lalafel!

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Thank you! Glad to have created excitement! Afraid I won't be looking for a free company. Instead I'll be pushing the one I am in. I am not against making connections however, I'll peruse the list and see if I can't make some more friends. I play many things, My main is a Miqo'te. Lalafell are special to me though, Lektrie is essentially my RP main.


I'm looking through the plethora of things to find an age guide currently. :dazed:


Edit: Found a good one. This is a good website for resources as well. I'm going to have to make a profile for my frequently used characters. Ahh this is the fun part~

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I love the title! :-D


Its all so Official!  I see that you've already been Officially welcomed, or else I would have! Though I don't know that either of us actually have the authority to do so ^_~


Welcome to the RPC, at last!  I hope you're able to find some enjoyable and lasting RP! :-D

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Thanks Aya! I've found a good bit of RP within the game due to tavern events and the like while also co-ordinating some of my own. I do need to find RP outside of events just to do it. Should make it all the more fun!


I've completed my profile, I have a couple more to make but you can be certain I'm setting down seeds. As I should have done 3 - 4 years ago. I'm officially happy! Thanks for the warm welcome.

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