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Looking for Romantic interests

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I'm trying once more to try and get this character active. 


I am looking for a Male Character for my character, Arala Makeo. Race is not restricted but a few notes. (since i am remaking my Wiki of her it is inaccurate atm)


Arala is a Miqo'te of half seeker and keeper decent.

Arala is a city born, so she is not familiar with The Shroud traditions.

Arala is considered a Second Class Citizen, so if your character is a noble or Rich you may want to be aware of her status.

Arala is a Paladin of the Immortal Flames.

Arala has a child of 12 (Don't ask...just please don't...) and her husband left her as dead weight.


Warning: Not looking to join any harem at all and it's a one person only rule.


You can easily contact me on the forum in PMs or in this thread. I'd share more with you but it's better to do a trial and error of this character with others to see what sticks.


Some footnotes first:

1. This is not guaranteed. So your character has to put some effort into this if they truly want her.

2. Tuse/Thurs/Sun are bad days for me to get on Final Fantasy, so i recommend contacting through here or Discord 

3. This WILL take time. Don't expect to find love right then and now or get into them. The more you talk, ask and learn about her the easier it may get.


Please contact here or even on my discord 'Parth Makeo'

You are also free to friend me whenever I am on if you wish.

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