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A Fox-like princess in hiding, reporting for fun!


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Hello everyone! Name's Kitsuno, and this is my first RP alt on Balmung! I'm really excited to be here and have been enjoying some really fun RP since I joined a few days ago. I figured I'd try and get things going here as well to meet more people! I have a main character on a different server for my non-RP needs, but gosh it's been a whole new world since I began and very exciting to try a different kind of immersion in Eorzea! I can't believe I was missing out all this time :D


I've actually had Kitsuno joined up with the Velvet Rose FC who have been very welcoming and fit her current story at the moment- a princess of a small kingdom in search of her lost lover (A Keeper male) who used to serve her while the fire nation attacked her kingdom was attacked by the Garleans and her fathers, both men, were taken captive together with her younger brothers. She got separated from her loyal retainers on her way to Eorzea but being intelligent enough, she used her skills as a dancer and artisan to get by, eventually joining the Roses for her own safety and to make money as a courtesan. (And for myself to make some gil for her, so please hire her ;_; )


She's proper, though mature emotionally about her situation to do it without hesitation, and I usually have her dancing around for coin when she's off duty. She prefers male clients, though the occasional lady won't be refused! She's better at seduction of sorts, just not too into overly ..."different" things for that sort of service (I'll be up front for her if asked!), and non-sexual RP is also more than welcome as I love sweet interactions/UST/just friendships in general!


Unfortunately, the player who played her lover, Kazusan'o, is not planning on returning to FFXIV (so the character is up for grabs or evolution, like idk dying and returning in a different form), though I play with them on discord privately. Still, I'd love to have more people involved with her or joining in, and I hope I'll get to have her make more friends and clients, given time :D She currently has a few very nice friends she's growing close to, and a loyal elezen butler and retainer she's hired.


I have a tumblr for her at: ffxiv-foxlike.tumblr.com to share some screencaps of her journey, and hopefully this sort of post is okay. I look forward to interacting with everyone!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I've been having Kitsuno dance at the QS lately and been running into such nice people and clients, too. I'm honestly so impressed with what good writers I've come across! I hope I'll get to write with you all and I'll definitely seek you out whenever I can ;D

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