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Hi everyone, checked out the forum a few times over the years and made an account last year. Just peek in once in awhile but im gonna check it out more. I see a few more people from Mateus are here now trying to grow the community so thats good. Ive been a strong advocate for our server for a long time now. There is definitely FC's here that have RP elements or members who rp. If RP is a focus selected on their fc info. Chances are some of them rp :P RP is mostly welcomed here. People who don't consider themselves rp'ers will often play along or join in.


I usually rp as my main character Blair Crosszeria. A warrior who's family had originally landed in La Noscea. He is now a warrior of light who is referred to as Cap'n to some. They were on board one of the ships that was part of the armada that founded Limsa Lominsa. He runs his fc High Society alongside his Queen and band of adventurers. Retiring back to our beach house estate in the mist during our downtime.


Thank you all for reading I hope I have a good time here. Message me or you can message or add me in game. If you like you can apply at the fc(were not actually snooty royalty, its a fun group :P)

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