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[align=left]The Emberlight Venture Company is a Roleplay Free-Company on the Balmung server in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Our main focus is developing a roleplay community by actively engaging in community-based RP events that not only focuses on socializing but also by participating in active roleplay events such as missions and roll-based combat. The Company is based out of Thanalan and functions as a group of freelancers looking for work and doing what they can to help those in Eorzea.


The Company is open to any who would be interested in participating in these sort of events. We are also interested in networking with other players or Free-Companies in order to grow a larger roleplay community.[/align]


[align=left]We currently have an IC Linkshell available for both FC members as well as players who are ICly affiliated with the company in some way. We also have a discord server available for members.


Currently we are a very small free company, but if you are interested in joining the Company or simply wish to reach out to us and coordinate events, please visit our website listed on the side bar or simply contact Ezrah Kiam in-game![/align]

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