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Felstar Heir Assassinated!

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Char Lohengrin's ears pinned back, as he finished reading aloud, casting the paper onto the top of his desk among the many assorted documents and folders bursting with reports regarding the latest magitek developments from R&D. "...This, gentlemen, is the sort of publicity we could capitalize on..." He moved to gaze out of a nearby window, tail flicking excitedly as he puffed at his cigar. "...The fallible nature of magic has been made no more apparent than now, and we could arrange between twenty five to fifty thousand orders for arms and armor to be filled within the quarter. If I didn't know better, I'd say our survey teams killed the man themselves to meet a new quota." 


The men gathered laughed heartily, as the Miqo'te all in red sat down, tapping out the ashes gathering along the tip of his cigar. "I'd like to move forward with the finalizations on our latest gunblade designs and make them immediately available to the Eorzean populace for purchase. There was never a better time to cash in, as stands right before us."

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Ul'dah, Felstar Manor, Private Chambers


The leather clad miqo'te slowly removed her mask with a shaky hand, running her other hand through her white hair. The mansion room was dark, a single candle on the bedstand the only source of illumination. The moonkeeper set the mask down and picked up a framed picture next to it, one of a blond haired hyur child smiling happily. The boy had saved her life so long ago, given her purpose and drive to continue living herself. He had even gone so far as to give her his last name to solidify her new role in the family. She in turn would devote her life to protecting him. The failure of that mission quickly sank in as she dropped to the floor, leaning up against the bed and clutching the portrait close to her chest. Tears streamed uncontrollably down her ashen grey cheeks, a sign of weakness she had not shown even to herself in years. She then buried her face in her knees, picture still in hand. Vertigo Felstar would cry herself to sleep that night, and many nights after.



Somewhere in Ilsabard, days later...


The hyur courier approached the cabin with mild curiosity in his eyes. The style of the small home was different than he was used to. It looked like something a Gridanian would build. He knocked gently on the front door and was quickly met with a tall indigo haired midlander female, her beauty making him almost blush before quickly handing the sealed envelope, giving a small bow to the woman and returning to his other tasks.


The indigo haired woman glanced curiously at the envelope, closing the door behind her. It bore the seal of House Felstar. 'Why would father be so careless in his communication?'


The woman gingerly opened the envelope and sat on the arm of an elegant crimson sofa. Her eyes widened in horror as she read the letter. She read it over a second time. And then again. And then once more. Her eyes remained filled with dread every single time. Slowly, she rose from her seat and walked in an almost zombie-like trance to a nearby table, still unable to fully process the news. Anger suddenly filled her eyes as she swept her arm across the table and sent everything on it to the floor in a fit of rage. She let out a scream in outrage before moving to a nearby flower pot and hurling it across the room, watching it shatter into a hundred little pieces. She turned around as tears began to gently stream down her cheeks, glancing at her reflection in a nearby tall mirror. Elza quickly grabbed the nearest object to her, a book, and hurled it at the mirror in even more rage, shattering the reflection instantly.


Ul'dah, Felstar Manor, Patriarch's Office


It was dark, the ornate fireplace radiating its gently blaze in the room. Cartius sat quietly at his desk, his face showing no hint of emotion. A number of documents, information compiled by the patriarch's myriad of informants over the years, flooded his desk as he slowly flipped through each one...


Gerik Aston and Burgenheim Rosa, the two who had the most direct impact on breaking his son's heart into countless pieces with irrepairable damage. Aysun Demiir and her other half, Fenix, meddlers who never learned their place. Eva Ianeira and Camille Everardi,  false friends seemingly always complacent with Kylin's downfall at the hands of their cohorts. Rhio Aldul, Ki'lari, and Tyriont Gaidal, turncoats who didn't know the meaning of loyalty. Stormguard, Outer Heaven, Crystalline...nearly all of their former leaders and members were profiled. Any one of them could have potentially had motive to end Kylin.


Cartius sighed inwardly, leaning back in his large chair. So many times he was prepared to end them all. So many times did he have the opportunity. But Kylin pleaded with his father to not start any wars. As patriarch, it was evident now more than ever that Cartius's original decision would have been the most logical one to protect his family.


The hyur continued to reflect. Mayhaps the murderer was one of his own enemies? Mayhaps it had naught to do with Kylin's past at all? The burden of that thought was a heavy one indeed. He had failed all of his children- Seraphine, Elza, and now Kylin. All of his attempts to protect them in his own way were for nothing, and perhaps even the result of their ultimate undoings.


And so he coninued to reflect. And reflect some more. It was all he had in him to do. Should he seek revenge against those who wronged his family? Should he submit? What was a house patriarch to do? What was a father to do...?

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She’d seek revenge against those who had murdered her brother. Too many times she had sought to employ more peaceful tactics against her father, but this time she would not submit. She knew exactly what to do. What a sister should do.



Captain Seraphine Rose Winter-Felstar carefully pinned the article from the Lantern to the wall of her cabin alongside a cluster of star charts, wanted posters, lists of plunder and letters written in a foreign language. Her mismatched blue eyes flicked to a narrow strip of tiny windows in the stern with glass as thick as a man’s thumb, sourced opaque by wind and salt. In the distance, the glowing lanterns of the port city Kugane reflected off the ocean waves and brightly lit the starless night sky. It was there in the war-torn land of Othard where she had found peace away from her past, Cartius, and the rest of her family. Only three fragile fragments of Eorzea still lay in Sera’s heart and Kylin’s death marked the shattering of the largest of those pieces. She reached up with carefully manicured red fingertips and wiped a single tear from her cheek. The salt spray from her previous visit above deck must have made her eyes gritty and watery. Yes, that was the reason.



The captain’s cabin of a schooner is neither large nor grand, and even Sera with her small stature had to bend her head to duck beneath a beam near the entrance, but the Weatherlight was her home when she was away from her flagship, The Greymist Exile. A chart table and a stool took up most of the room, and her sea chest slid neatly under the single bed. There was a modesty-preserving commode which saved her from hanging her arse off the bowsprit with the rest of the crew. Her one extravagance was an apothecary table which was littered with Yanxian alchemical recipe books, a kit containing acupuncture needles, mortars and weighing scales to compound ingredients, and bottles of varying colors and sizes. Above the desk hung planters containing herbs that could both heal and harm depending on its intended use. Seraphine suddenly felt a strong need for the latter.



Sighing softly, she turned to face the raven-haired kunoichi who knelt respectfully, waiting for her orders. Sera had never been a high-handed captain, but there was something about this particular Raen that oozed formality.  



“Kasumi,” Seraphine bowed her head a brief moment but addressed her informally to indicate the warm regard she felt for her associate, “Prepare the ship and crew for departure. Load the cargo hold with a few crates of kizami, sake, silks, and those ingots we ‘recovered’. That should be enough to sate the Admiral and keep our status as privateers. Bring along artillery in case we run into problems with the ghost ships, but keep it to a minimum. We travel light and fast for Limsa Lominsa.”



The girl looked up at her with purple, glowing eyes, and gave a knowing nod as she took in the implications of Seraphine’s statement. The captain always sent her most trusted to trade their goods to Limsa Lominsa, but avoided making the trip herself whenever possible. Since Sera had rescued her from the hands of the Garleans nearly seven years previously, it had been one Kasumi’s duties to keep tabs on the Winter’s, Mavanix's and Felstar’s back in Eorzea and report when anything of any curiosity occurred. Kasumi had no doubt the news of Kylin’s death was going to be met with swift retribution, however, she had not predicted the captain would personally respond with a visit to Eorzea herself. Then again, this was personal.



Kasumi rose to her feet and bowed deeply, “Aye, Captain.”



Seraphine turned back towards her charts table as Kasumi left her cabin without another word, off to promptly carry out her duties.



This was Cartius’ fault. No matter what differing views she and her brother shared, no matter what pain he had inadvertently caused her, Kylin had always been someone she cared for. Their father, however, acted as if life was some sort of board game and everyone else in existence merely pieces to be used to his advantage. Winning was the only thing that mattered in the end to Cartius and he proved numerous times he had no qualms about using his children to achieve victory. There was no doubt in Sera’s mind that Kylin had been twisted and abused for his father’s gain, a fate she had only managed to avoid herself by turning to a life across the ocean. Cartius was as much to blame as the person who struck the blow that ended Kylin’s life. She would find and kill the both of them.



And then there was the matter of Zacriel Mavanix...



Seraphine never thought she would return to Eorzea, the place she had once called home. The entire continent was filled with memories she had tried to scour from her mind with saltwater and blood. Sera retrieved her starglobe from her side and as a map of the heavens extended before her, anger pulsed through her veins, heating her blood and sharpening her senses. With singular, clear focus, she plotted a course for Limsa Lominsa.


For revenge.

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