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If your character were a NM Part II

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I'm bored at work, and since we already did what your character would drop, now what about the fight with your character (I'm assuming that everyone's gonna do arena primal style). So describe the arena/fight/strategy to winning the fight, anything really. Oh, and come up with cool attacks too. (Also feel free to redo your drops if you want). For example-




Gerik: Spawned by Trading a "Used Roegadyn Subligar" to the "Unattended Beehive"

Job: Bard

Arena: The Honey Yard (This stage has a poison aura to female characters, similar to Aurum Vale; In addition, if you linger too long near a hive near the edges of the arena [10 seconds], a Queen Bee will spawn and attack the character.)


HP: 27,000 (Little less than Ifrit)

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Absorbs Wind

Weak to Ice

Resistant to Fire


Special Abilities:

Zephyr Arrows - Similar to 'Rain of Death' except inflicts knockback.


Androphilia - AOE Charm, only affects male characters. Charmed characters attack whoever has the most hate at the time. In addition, all their gear gets removed. If a male is not the primary hate target, he will target one randomly instead. Wears off after about a minute. Characters under the charm effect will not take damage from indirect attacks.


Entice - Single-Target Charm, only affects male characters. All gear is removed. If a male is not the primary hate target, he will target one randomly instead. Wears off after about a minute. Characters under the charm effect will not take damage from indirect attacks.


Throughout the fight he will use these at random:

Eurus - Water AOE to whoever is closest to the Eastern Side of the Arena

Zephyrus - Wind AOE to whoever is closest to the Western side of the Arena

Boreas - Ice AOE to whoever is closest to the Northern side of the Arena

Notus - Lightning AOE to whoever is closest to the Southern Side of the Arena


Anemoi - Wind, Water, Ice, and Lightning damage. Each Queen Bee killed will eliminate one type of damage dealt.


Passive Traits:

Accuracy against Females -25%

Damage against Males -25%

Susceptible to Paralyze and Slow


At the start of the battle, Gerik will approach first if there are males in the party and immediately use Androphilia or Entice. Following that, he will only use physical attacks up til about 75% at which point he will start using special skills. Tanking him near the nothern part of the arena takes advantage of the aoe ice damage he will inflict on himself. Throughout the rest of the fight, Gerik will occasionally play his flute and a slow-moving colored orb will appear, it turns white, then pink, and red when it's about to burst and do AOE damage within a small radius. Near 40% four Queen Bees will spawn and need to be killed in order to mitigate damage from his signature move Anemoi, however there is about a 30% chance that Gerik trips and the move fails entirely (the bees still spawn though) and a 20% chance that the move criticals. His flute will now create three orbs rather than one. At 20% his flute creates five orbs and begins to spam Androphilia and Entice.


Queen Bee

5000 HP

Special Moves:

Royal Jelly - Heals Gerik for a variable amount from 0 - 5000


Additional Notes: Gerik has a higher than normal critical hit rate (Either he misses, or scores a critical hit)


Gerik needs a balanced party of males and females. Although preferably the tank would be female to give immunity to charm. Regen will offset the effect of the poison, and be prepared to curebomb after Boreas because of the AOE Ice damage if tanking at the north side. Other than that, keep avoiding the orbs and winds and you'll be golden.




I should also note that anything goes. This is your time to godmode RPers!

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Blue: Spawns right behind Blade Belisaire with a creepy soulless stare whenever a player emotes embarrassing things at him. Since this has really no static arena, it is more a FATE than anything else.


Job: Orator/Musketeer


HP: 10,000

Elemental Affinity: Water

Absorbs Water

Weak to Thunder

Resistant to Fire


Note: She fights with Blade Belisaire as her pet.


Special Abilities:

Awkward Stare - Single-target magic attack. The character is stuck in embarrassment, unable to perform any move.


A Thousand Questions - Similar to 1000 Needles, but instead of damage, the character is hammered by a quick sequence of trivia questions about Final Fantasy XIV. The first wrong answer will cast the Ashamed effect on the targets (as it's an AoE), and successive wrong answers will increase the effect's level. At level 10 Ashamed, the detrimental effect turns into Amnesia, and will stay on the character until they're either KOd or visit a library for at least three in-game hours.


Awwwwwwwwww - Single Target charm. Blue will look like a poor lost miqo'te and the target will be moved to help her.


Blade-Pet may use the following moves at random:

Hysteric Flail - He flails his great axe wildly intimating others to stay away from Blue.

Fashon Advice - Blade gives Blue clothes to wear, which have random effects depending on the look:

- Swimsuit: Enhances Blade's Attack.

- Full cloak: Lowers Blade's Morale.

- Loose pants and shirt: Staggers Blade in depression.

- Underwear: Grants Blade the effect of Berserk and Haste.


Passive Traits:

Perma-Confusion effect.

Susceptible to Silence and Distractions


If Blade is defeated, Blue will use Eagle Eye Shot, with a 90% chance of instant KO on the target (whoever killed Blade), then pick up Blade and run away.


Blue will stand idle and Blade will attack any male coming forth. In case it was a female to trigger the FATE, Blade may instead woo at her and then flee soon as he notices Blue is behind. If this occurs, the FATE is lost.

Once someone engages Blade in fight, Blue will also start fighting. She will not approach and instead shoot. She may heal or boost Blade at random with compliments or comments, but also stagger him with weird questions.

If someone engages Blue ignoring Blade, she will start to address her questions and comments to whoever is on top of her enmity list.

Trading items to Blue is a good way to prevent her from performing attacks, as she'll waste a lot of time trying to figure out what the item is. 1000 Questions can be stopped with Silence, but this will double the effect of Awkward Stare. As time goes, she will take less and less damage from all forms of attacks as the players get more and more demotivated by her lack of interest in fighting...


It's a battle based on speed on damage output and good work on detrimental effects. Take note that trading weapons to Blue may cause her to learn new classes. If she learns a new class she may occasionally perform that class's move on either targets or Blade (depending on the nature of the move). When too much time has passed the party will fall asleep in boredom and Blue and Blade will leave, ending the FATE.

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Rhio Aldul

Spawn conditions: Investigating the "Unassuming Diary" within Ul'dah will allow players to enter the battlefield. Players must first have the "Cipher Key" key item, obtained from the quest Memory of Truth


Job: Gambler


HP: 17,000

Elemental Affinity: Changes during fight


Special Abilities:


Aetherial Blood - Whenever Rhio is afflicted by a debuff, she gains this buff for 30 seconds. This adds roughly a 15% chance of inflicting the original debuff to the target of her other abilities or her standard attack. So long as Aetherial Blood is active, further debuffs will not trigger a new buff, nor will any active debuffs trigger it once the buff's duration wears off. In addition, she is immune to the debuff that triggered Aetherial Blood during its duration.


Teleport Shuffle - Rhio teleports to three random party members, hitting each with one of three attacks; her standard melee attack, her standard ranged attack, or a special melee attack that deals slightly higher damage. Hate is preserved, and she will resume attacking the tank after this ability finishes.


Art of Misdirection - Used roughly every two minutes throughout the fight, Art of Misdirection changes Rhio's fighting pattern and abilities. Which of the following takes place is entirely random, and the effects are not cumulative.

  • Players other than the highest one on the hate list are stunned. Rhio's weapon stance changes back and forth, but her damage output is greatly decreased and she will not use Teleport Shuffle.
  • Rhio switches to her ranged weapon and teleports to a corner of the battlefield. Each of her shots afflicts her target with a slight damage-over-time effect.
  • Choking smoke fills the arena, slowing movement speed and lowering accuracy for all players. Rhio's weapon stance does not change.
  • If Rhio is using her melee weapons, she may throw her swords at a random player for moderate damage, followed by thirty seconds of using her ranged weapon. She will then teleport to retrieve her swords and repeat the process.
  • All players are disarmed, with their weapons tossed to a random spot within the arena. Each player must run to their weapon and pick it up to continue acting.
  • Rhio switches to her melee weapons and greatly increases her attack speed.
  • A random player becomes charmed and afflicted with both slow and heavy.
  • All players have their MP and TP consumption doubled.
  • Hate is reset, and Rhio begins attacking random targets.
  • All players have their MP and TP consumption halved and Rhio doubles her dodge rate.


Death Sentence - Starting at full and with every 20% of her health lost, Rhio will pick a target for Death Sentence. A counter will appear over the player's head with a number anywhere between 4 and 19. Each time the player moves or takes an action the counter decreases by 1; when it reaches zero Rhio teleports to the player and automatically lowers their HP to 1. There will be a brief period after this during which Rhio will not attack, at which point she will resume her previous pattern.


Passive abilities:

Elemental alignment changes based on the last ability that hit her (when hit with a Fire attack, her affinity changes to Fire)

Susceptible to all debuffs that do not serve as instant-kills (she can be afflicted with Confusion, but it will only serve to trigger Aetherial Blood)




The difficulty in fighting Rhio is almost entirely based upon the randomness of the battle. None of her attacks hit unusually hard, and even Death Sentence can be mitigated by ensuring that the target is healed quickly. The greatest danger is if Death Sentence is used upon the tank.


Rhio will switch back and forth between paired ninja swords and a musket throughout the fight. While using her musket she will generally attempt to move away from the tank whenever possible, and while using her swords she will approach the tank. In both forms she will randomly deal a single attack to a random target not on the top of the hate list, but she will not move to her new target, meaning that only melee DPS needs to fear her random attacks while she uses a melee weapon. Her musket deals slightly less damage than her melee as a result.


Despite her relatively low HP and damage potential, players unprepared to deal with Art of Misdirection will find this fight extremely difficult. Recognizing which effect is taking place and how to counter it are the most important lessons, and knowing her various tricks at a glance is the only way to emerge triumphant. Because she can knock a tank's health down quickly, it's vital that said tank is kept at full health or as close thereof as possible at all times; it's also important that any other players afflicted with Death Sentence are healed back up promptly.

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Sarah Dòxa


spawn condition: speak with the NPC "Kukuralo Momoralo" and choose the option "try the asshole cheater". Note: the NPC spawn in a random position of Ul'dah during nightime.


job: pugilist/musketeer


HP: 17500

Elemental affinity: none

Weak to fire


Arena: Ul'dah alley: a narrow street filled with boxes, stones, piles of sand and other obstacles that make difficult run into the arena.


Special abilities:

Armor?: a powerful punch. ignores defense value. 

Item throw:used when sarah receives a critical damage. sarah throw an item in the arena toward the character who delivered the critical damage. every item have different effect:

 -stone: light damage

 -brick: medium damage

 -box: high damage, stun the character for 15 seconds

 -lantern: medium damage, light fire damage for 20 seconds

 -sand: decrease accuracy

side effect: 10% chance to hate reset

Elemental shot: a ranged shot with a random elemental attack. used against distant enemies.

Domination: a multi-hit combo, deliver high damage and throw away the target. used when her HP are below 50% and she received two critical damage in a row. side effect: hate reset

Zero range shot: Sarah targets the nearest character and shoot at point-blank, deliver huge damage and throw away the target.

Charge:Sarah charge toward a distant character, shooting everywhere during the run. often this tecnique is part of the combo: Domination-charge-zero range shot.

Mors tua: Sarah throw in the arena several lantern and gunpowder bags draving a rough exagon on the floor. when the exagon is complete she shoot it, igniting the oil and the gunpowder, dealing massive fire damage to the characters inside the exagon. used when her HP are below the 20%. the execution can be delayed by burning the lanterns and the bags before the completion of the exagon.


passive abilities:

dodge rate enormously high (it's very difficult hit her with physical and magical attack)

high attack and skill speed

damage against female: -15%

accuracy against lalafell (both genders): -15%




the difficulty of this battle is not damage Sarah but hit her. every party members must have an high accuracy value enhanced with several materia, may be a good idea to craft a dedicate gear set. but even with a specific gear with overmelded materia the hit rate will be below the 75%

due her malus, the best tank will be a female lalafell and it is preferable that the WHMs also will be female in order to increase their survival chances. a black mage can be useful in the last phase of the fight for burn the lantern and the gunpowder delaying the execution of her kill move.

NEVER attack her, or heal somebody after item throw and domination. 10% chance of hate reset can seem a minor issue but it ca be too hazardous for an not coheisve party.

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This thread is an amazing idea! I need to find the "What will you drop" one, too.






Luka Paluka: Spawned by investigating the 'small campfire' near a random lake in the Black Shroud during the evening.

Job: White Mage

Arena: Misty Lake. An arena filled with many small islands separated by a very shallow lake between each of them.


HP: 15,000 

Elemental Affinity: Water


Special Abilities


Flee! - Luka rushes away from his opponents, travelling to an island across the arena. He is immune to damage and any crowd control/snares during this ability.


"Ah! Run away!" - Luka Paluka


Holy Tide - Used just after Flee! Luka channels the element of water and causes the lake throughout the arena to become increasingly violent. The lake will slow movement speed and also cause high amounts of damage to any characters that step in it. It will also destroy two islands at random. He will always target the island he was previously standing on.


Panic! - Luka will panic when he receives a lot of damage in a short period of time. He will stun the entire party for ten seconds and begin casting several healing spells in a row. He will cast a strong healing spell first, a slightly weaker one second, and so on. He will continue casting until a successful interrupt is landed on him. Interrupts have a 100% success chance during this ability.


"Ow, ow, ow! Stop it!" - Luka Paluka


Second Chance - At 5% HP, Luka will stun the entire party with a blast of magic. He will then heal himself to 30% HP and begin to cast Holy Tide over and over.


Random Spells


Cure(s) - Luka will attempt to cast a strong Cure spell on himself every thirty seconds. This can be interrupted.


Stone - Luka will summon a rock of stone and hurl it at a random opponent.


Aero Field - Luka will summon an Aero Field on three random islands in the arena. Aero Fields last ten seconds and deal high amounts of damage to anyone standing on the same island.


Summon Water Servant - Luka will summon a servant from the lake beneath the arena. The servant will periodically cast Cure spells on Luka and enfeeble spells on their primary target.


Passive Traits


No auto-attack.

Immune to silence.

Susceptible to Slow (Increases cast times) 


Phase 1


At the start of the battle, Luka will plead with the party to leave him alone and to leave while they still can. When the party moves from the starting island to any others, he casts an instant Holy Tide and destroys the starting island completely.


Following that, he will only cast spells from his random list until about 75%, at which point he will use Flee! and unleash his first real Holy Tide. The trick is to avoid the islands he will target with the ability and jumping over the lake to reach him to continue combat. Should a player fall into the lake, it's likely they will die from the amount of damage and their slowed movement. After this point, he will begin using Panic! should the party deal more than 7% of his health within a twenty second window. This part of the fight is mostly about stamina and avoiding mechanics rather than a DPS race. Should he actually cast Panic! it is key for the party to interrupt him as soon as the stun has worn off, or else he will heal himself to 100% health.


Throughout the rest of the fight, Luka will continue with his 'random' spell list until he reaches 50%. He will once again cast Flee! and Holy Tide, followed again at 25%. 


Phase 2


When finally falling down to 5%, Luka will cast Second Chance and move to the middle of the arena, where he will hover above the lake and heal himself to 30% of his full health. He will begin casting Holy Tide over and over, targeting islands at the edge of the arena first and getting closer to the middle as time goes on. The fight changes from a stamina battle to a damage race at this point, as if Luka's 30% HP isn't cleared before he destroys the final islands in the middle of the arena, the party will be defeated.


Party formation / Tips


Luka needs a balanced party of support and attack, with people who are able to control their damage without going crazy until they need to. It is a simple fight for  both the tank and healer and the majority of the damage comes from player made mistakes with Aero Fields and Holy Tide. The healer must be prepared to heal random targets that take damage from Stone, and the tank must be prepared to grab hate on the Summoned Water Servants. Damage Dealers should also take down Water Servants ASAP, as too many will cause the party to suffer a large amount of negative status ailments and for Luka to have an endless supply of cures.




That was super fun to come up with, haha! Great idea for a thread!

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