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Investigation into the Runes [Open]

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This thread is the forum RP linked to the story "A New Enemy Emerges". This is where all the RP will take place for the story while the original thread will be where the story will be written. Seeing as I am writing the story I will not take part in it ICly on what will be my other character. I will occasionally post OOC notes on here for certain things such as if the thread starts to die I will try to bring back from the brink. Well, have fun and try to solve the mystery before it's to late.




It's morning in Limsa Lominsa, the birds are singing and the ports lively with people, but something seems strange in the air. Something dark and ominous is stirring, many sensitive with magic would be able to feel it. As people walk the streets they can see soldiers on chocobos heading towards the outside of the city in a hurry, many begin to wander and many more worry of what might be happening. A herd of people head to the gates but are only to be sent back the other way by soldiers who will not let anyone pass without authorization until an all clear is given.


As the soldiers get to the destination they begin to keep people away, it seems like such a random spot with only a large boulder in the middle. A soldier, who appears to be the one in charge, calls over to a mage who was travelling with them and begins to speak with him and pointing at the boulder. The mage begins to study the boulder, his face writ with confusion. As a curious traveller passes by he seems to be able to make something out on the boulder, a magical rune seems to of been placed there as well as a message underneath. 



A few hours pass and the all clear is given for people to safely pass in and out of the city gate. As people pass by the area with the boulder they can see that soldiers still have it under lock down. Mages appear to be trying to disenchant the rock but it is to no prevail. A little bit after the all clear a note was posted in the adventurers message board by a man who was able to see what the message on the rock was. It said....


[align=center]*The god has risen, broken from his chains and torment. Rise brothers and sisters for the time has come. Bahamut beckons to us to follow and if we follow we will know greatness, if we follow we will know power, if we follow the world will be ours for the taking. Now rise and serve the one true god.*[/align]




[align=center]A ship comes into port, it looks damaged, and it seems like half the crew is gone. When the port officials talk to the last of the crew they were told that they were attacked. It wasn't pirates or Garleans that attacked them, but a gigantic creature that was double the size of the boat. The crew said that the creature was long and lanky, that it wrapped itself around the boat and picked off the crew, one by one. The captain of the boat thought the creature just had its fill of the men of his boat and left, the only reason why they are still alive. The port officials did not believe them at first due to that ship only have gone 20 miles off and a ses creature of that size has never before been seen so close. As the investigation when on a rumor spread around town saying that the creature is being drawn closer to shore by the rune that mysteriously appeared. The investigation did turn up evidence of a creature attack and shut the case as solved.


Weeks go by since the incident with the ship and all seems peaceful until a man shows up in town. The man is dressed in all black robes, a strange symbol on his necklace. He walks to the center of town, near where many people gather and sets up a box. The man hops onto the box and begins yelling towards the crowds of people....


*The time has come brothers and sisters of Bahamut, we must rise to his call.

The one true god who showed us his wrath when he returned because of us worshiping false gods. He showed us his wrath but then showed us mercy by letting are existence continue, do you not see that he is giving us another chance. Do not squander this by worshiping such false idols, brothers and sisters, I beg you to do the smart thing and renounce them and serve the Lord Bahamut.*



The man stayed there preaching for about an hour until soldiers came and began to take him away. As the man was being taken he smiled, a moment later a rune appears on his clothes and his body explodes, killing the few soldiers that came to take him away. The crowd of people go into a panic and begin to run around and scream. It takes a few hours for the army to take control of the situation. It appears this group may be more dangerous than even thought.


The city of Limsa Lominsa goes on high alert and issues a curfew for everyone that is not a guard of official. After the explosion of the preacher, anyone found supporting, talking about, or spreading rumors are brought in for questioning. As the days go by people seem to be getting back to their regular schedules a group of five men appear at the city gate. The men are all wearing the same thing as the preacher and are immediately arrested with great care of course, they give no resistance. Their hands are bound and mouths gagged as the soldiers escort them back to a jail cell with magical properties. Hours pass by with no incident until the five men, still robed, are all seen walking out freely of the jail.


   As word spreads of the men going free, the streets get less and less crowded. Notes show up everywhere around town issued by the officials themselves saying how the five men are not here to cause harm. Citizens of Limsa are outraged that they would release them so quickly and decide that after what had just happened and some even find it suspicious. The men are seen talking to citizens that are either stupid enough or brave enough to get close to them, talking about how great Bahamut is, and how merciful he is. A lynch mob forms.....


   As the mob grows bigger and obviously more angry, soldiers are positioned to keep the mob in one place and try to calm the crowd down while others are stationed around the five men. As the day goes by the mob seems to begin to dissipate after a while and the streets become calm once more, it seems this city is becoming possibly one of the most dangerous cities to live in.



[align=left]A news post was put up on the bulletin in the adventures guild as well as other guilds and shops about the murders of three robed cultists and that of a young child. It goes on to say that it appears the men were legally and harmlessly recruiting the child when a couple outsiders came and just started the massacre them, a trustworthy witness tells. We urge all citizens to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious and to report it immidently.



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Uruvion, a duskwight Elezen, was stirred from his sleep, like waking from a nightmare, or simply an uneasy feeling. It took a while for the feeling to fade and to regain his thoughts. Looking out of the second story window of the room that he was renting in Limsa, he could see crowds gathering at the gate, though he couldn't see what it was.


He walked over to the chair, where the robe of a white mage had been draped and quickly put it on before heading down to the streets of the port city. His shoulder length silvery blue hair was hanging in his face as he walked towards the crowd. He made a quick detour into the "Coffin and Coffer" for a few drinks before he would go to see what the fuss was all about. This one of of the places that he could safely enter without anyone trying to take his head. He still felt the pull of magical energy, but he was ignoring it for now.


After about an hour, he emerged from the tavern, his breath smelling of whiskey. He was carrying an empty shot glass, which he would periodically take sips of, not realizing that it was empty. He stumbled over to the adventurers message board where people were gathered and noticed the new note that had been posted.


He reached into his satchel and pulled out a notepad and a yellow quill. That chocobo never did forgive him for the time he was drunk and needed a pen to write down a spell, taking the liberty to yank a few feathers from the beast.


As he jotted down what was written on the note, he spoke aloud.


" god... risen, broken chains torment...lovely! Rise brothers and sisters.. time has come. Bahamut.. oohh, nice name! (hic) beckons for us to follow him ...if we follow we will know greatness...I already know greatness, thanks anyway B!, if we follow we will know power, if we follow the world will.... be ours for the taking. Rise and serve the one true god..."


After he finished scribbling the note down, he let slip a belch that would make a Roegadyn sailor proud! His Elezen dignity, at least for this moment, was no where to be found.

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Alright, I put the story in the RP section so people won't get confused on what is going on. Second part of the story will be up soon, been busy lately with work, working nine straight days without much rest so do bare with me.

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Saevio RP




The ship finally arrived in Limsa Lominsa. Saevio staggered off and promptly threw up. Again. Everyone jumped away from the violently sick Hyur. Nobody wanted vomit on their shoes. He had spent the entire trip either heaving over the side or seeming to have a one sided argument with the air. No one dared approach him. 


Having emptied everything he had eaten ever, Saevio sighed with relief and strolled up to the city. 

"I don't care Imago. I'm not doing that. Where should we ask first? The Adventurer's Guild? Fine. I might be able to keep something down now."


The aromas that permeated the Guild were ambrosia after being so sick. He rushed up to the counter and ordered. He sat down and started in on his food. Suddenly his head jerked up and he looked towards the bulletin board. 


"Stop shouting. I can hear you just fine as you well know. What is it?"

He approached the board and read the mysterious message. "So? Just a bunch of weirdos playing silly buggers with everyone. Leave it alone." He walked back to his food, tilted his head, and nodded. "Fine. Just let me finish. Stop yelling! Swearing at me won't do any good."


He finished his meal, flinching every few minutes like things were being thrown at him. He left with everyone staring at him. He blushed furiously the entire time out.

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Uruvion noticed the Hyur, who seemed to be mumbling to himself, also reading the message that was posted on the board but he dismissed it as "Just another crazy Hyur". He didn't care for many of the other races, especially the Hyur, who he considered barbaric(highlanders) and naive(midlanders).  



Weeks later...


Uruvion was headed back to the tavern as the man in black was walking through town. He walked beside the robed man and felt something that he didn't feel often.. fear. He couldn't place it but something was wrong. 


He watch the man climb onto his box and start preaching. A feeling of relief overcame the Elezen as he dismissed the robed man as another religious fanatic. He was wondering if anyone was swayed buy the man's proclamations. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, watching the man as he continued preaching. "Please tell me no one is that stupid" he thought when he considered that people were taking this nut job seriously.  


He noticed the soldiers coming to take him away and readied his small wand, ready to cast a spell if needed. He had seen these kinds before and when the authorities took them away there were some bumps and bruises that needed tending to but even with his experience in seeing things like this couldn't have prepared him for what happened when the man exploded, killing the soldiers some distance away. 


Uruvion rushed to aid those that were injured in the blast, struggling to concentrate with the shock of what he had just seen.


"Bahamut.." he thought. "Why would anyone willingly follow something so destructive?"

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Saevio walked into Limsa Lominsa. He walked into a charnel house. He stared at the carnage. He barely heard Imago jabbering at him. He jumped in, giving what aid he could. It wasn't much, just basic first aid learned on the job. He applied many a tourniquet and lost count of the bandages. He got bits and pieces of what happened as he worked. He was horrified to learn this Cult of Bahamut was responsible. He worked until the last victim was carted off. He got a room and passed out.

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As Uruvion help with healing the injured, he noticed that the Hyur, who he thought was crazy, was coming in to help and doing a decent job. After he made sure that everyone he could was out of the situation and able to survive, he looked up to see that the man had gone. He had wanted to thank him for his aid in the situation and perhaps teach him some more healing techniques. 


After the area was clear, he walked slowly into the tavern and sat at the counter, his mind always on the man in black robes and the explosion.

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A man in black robes walks into the tavern and approaches the Duskwight in the white mages robes and sits next to him, no one seems to notice he entered except maybe the mage himself. He looks at the mage, his face hidden with in the darkness of his robes, and speaks. 


[align=center]"Mind if we speak?"[/align]

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Uruvion sits at the counter, aware of the black robed man's approach. As the man sat next to him, he took one more sip from his glass and acted like he was stretching. He was arching his back and stretching his arms at his sides, subtly resting a hand idly on his wand as he relaxed his arms.


He didn't turn his head towards the man as he spoke, but kept looking forward. His eyes shifted slightly towards the robed man. After a long pause, he answered.


"Not at all" he said softly. He was mentally preparing himself for what might happen, hoping that this one didn't explode.

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The robed man looks up, the mouth of the man is visible and looks to be smiling after the mage responds.


"That wand will do you no good, I am only here to talk." The man says as he disappears from where he is sitting and appears on the other side of the mage as if he was always there to begin with.


"I noticed you have a rather.... noticeable amount of magic within you. Tell me, do you wish to unlock the full potential of its power?" He asks. "It seems the High Priest of Bahamut as taken an interest in what you could potentially be."  

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The apparent movement from one side of him to the other by the man made him a bit nervous, but he didn't show it. He also realized that the robbed man saw that his hand was on his wand at his side. Perhaps he was getting slow. 


"What I could potentially be?" he said, taking another sip. He never turned his head to the side to look at the man as he spoke.


"Everyone desires more power, that's a given for most people. If you're talking about putting me in black robe and sending me on a kamikaze mission then forget it. I'm not going to be turned into a living bomb. I can kill others just fine with the power I possess, though I am flattered that a high priest would notice me"

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The man frowns. "Yes, Gar was a.... troubled man, a fanatic if you will. Although he was rather difficult to deal with at times, it is a shame to hear of his passing and of what he had done." As he speaks, you might be able to feel a chill run down your back, a feeling of fear and despair. 


The man again seems to have changed positions as if he had always been there, this time behind the mage, he leans over and whispers into his ear. "The power to save all is within your grasp, all you have to do is learn how to use it." His voice sounds charming as he tells the mage this. "If you wish to talk more, go out to the warehouse by the port at sunset, we will be watching."



The man vanishes into thin air and without notice, it seems time had slowed down until he left. The patrons of the bar can be heard again and the loud bustling of the city outside. Time seemed to be back to normal.

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Uruvion listened carefully. When the robbed man said "We will be watching" it made him feel uneasy but he considered what the man was saying.


He spent the rest of the evening going over what was said in his head. He knew that these people couldn't be trusted but his interested was piqued. After a few hours, he looked out the window to see that the sun was starting to set. He stood up, reaching into the satchel at his side and pulling out a few gil for the drinks, setting them down on the counter beside the empty glass.


He silently and calmly walked out of the tavern and started walking towards the warehouse by the port. He stopped for a moment to admire the sunset over the water.


After a while he continued to the warehouse. He was prepared in case this was a trap.

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As Uruvion gets near to the warehouse he begins to hear some chanting. When he gets close enough he can see a group of black robed man standing in a circle, a form can be seen in the middle of the group. Upon closer inspection a body of what appears to be a small child can be seen, the ground is red around it.

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Uruvion approached the robed men slowly, taking the small wand from his waist and preparing for what could happen. His eyes widened a bit as he looked to the child, not being able to understand the chanting or ritual that was taking place.

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As Uruvion approaches, the same black robed man that talked to him at the bar appeared suddenely and without warning in front of him. "Ah, so you came, I expected you would. Now all the pieces are in place, shall we begin?" The robed motions with his arm to move on forward towards the circle.

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A bit surprised as the robed man who approached him appeared before him suddenly, he regained his composure as the man motioned towards the circle.


Uruvion walked forward towards the chanting men, keeping his wand at the ready and reciting spells in his head as he approached.

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The closer Uruvion gets to the circle the more he might notice that the robed men begin to dissapear into thin air. One by one the men just blow to the wind like dust, the body however is still there. Uruvion might be close enough to realize that it is indeed the bloody corpse of a young child. Once that is noticed the robed man begin to again reappear, but this time forming a circle around Uruvion.


The man from the bar speaks once more, "Now is your time to do your part in saving us all." Once he stops talking the other robed men draw daggers, there is four of them all together.

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Uruvion approached the child and realized that he had perished. He didn't have time to start healing the child's wounds or cast a spell of resurrection on him before he was surrounded by the robed men. He quickly started to cast Aeroga on the group of men, shielding his eyes from the wind that was surrounding him, attempting to knock them back far enough so he would have time to do something to save the child in front of him.

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As the spell is cast, everything around Uruvion begins to blow away except the robed men. The spell just seems to go right through them. As they get closer and raise their daggers to strike at Uruvion, one of them suddenely drops, his head flown far across and into the water nearby. Before the others could react another goes down and then another. Once that third robed man goes down the last one, the man that talked to Uruvion in the bar, vanishes. Once the dust settles you notice a rather young looking Hyur wielding a bloody axe, he is staring at you. The Hyur is wearing common clothing, now blood soaked, from the killing.

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Uruvion kept himself as close to the child as he could to protect him from the robbed men. His eyes widened and he gritted his teeth in anticipation for their attack when he realized the spell hadn't worked. His eyes followed the robbed man's head as it skipped across the water and then looked back to the others as they fell. His eyes set on the one who arranged this meeting as he disappeared.


Uruvion, still holding the child, turned his back to the Hyur who had saved him. He set the child down and started to immediately cast small healing spells and a spell of resurrection on him. He knew that if he healed the boy too quickly, his body could go into shock and he was trying to minimize the risks.


He didn't say a word to the Hyur while he was casting the spells, hoping that he could save the boy.

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The Hyur runs to the Elezen and grabs him, interupting his spell, and yells at him to follow. "Get up and run you fool, many soldiers are coming this way, and trust me when I say they will not trust what you have to say."

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Uruvion was incredible irritated at being interrupted. He turned to the Hyur, narrowing his eyes but he didn't feel that the man was lying. He knew that the forces they were dealing with could quickly undo them. He did as he was instructed, reluctantly, and followed the man.

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The Hyur takes Uruvion to the lower parts of Limsa and into a very small house. "We can rest here for the night, let things die down for a bit and lay low." he tells him. "My name is Eadmund by the way and you're welcome. " he says as if looking for a thank you. Eadmund goes into what apears to be a bedroom and changes his clothes into something a bit more clean. "You hungry?" He asks.

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As Uruvion walked into the house, he caught his breath, leaning against the inside of the door. After a moment he looked to the floor, then turned around to look at the Hyur. Walking over to a chair, he took a seat as Eadmund said to lay low.


When the Hyur introduced himself and asked for a 'thank you', Uruvion didn't say anything. He thought back to the robbed men, remembering that the first one he saw exploded, and the others weren't affected by his magic. 


After Eadmund went into the room and asked if he was hungry, the duskwight elezen nodded. "Yes, I haven't eaten since these.. things started coming around."


"I may have been able to save that child" he said, loudly to make sure the Hyur could hear him. He had a hint of irritation in his voice. He leaned back in his chair, trying to relax.

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