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Ahoy o7

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Hi there! I'm not good at introducing myself so bare with me ^^; 


I RP sometimes over on deviantart but since joining  14 back in 2.0 I mostly stuck to just doing all the main content. There was always something to fight and always fighting with RNG to get gear drops in every patch. I don't really consider myself a hardcore player but I tend to see the game in numbers and skill.


Lately though i been hitting that end game gear wall again. getting the shire gear is more of a waiting game than a grind now so i find myself talking with people in my FC and around Mist more and working on my gathering and crafts more. Honestly I didn't know Balmung was the RP server until about 6 months ago ^^;


Anyways i been finding myself slowly getting into the actual community of 14 lately and I found my way here. 


I am an artist and I draw a lot of things. I hope to get some ff14 related art going so you guys will probably see me lurking about with the other artists first before i feel comfortable enough to branch in to the other threads around here.


My RP skills are a bit... weird but ive been trying to think more like that and character development and stuff so i can learn how to write comics a bit better. I figured a good goal for this is to open up a restaurant in Balmung and have the stories come to me :3



... i dunno where im going with this intro so ill leave it here O_o

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Hello and welcome to Balmung and the RPC! Setting up a restaurant can certainly be a good way to generate RP stories and be a lot of fun. From the few people I know who have an establishment like that they are a ton of work so keep that in mind before you jump in.


Not sure what you quite mean by your RP skills are "wierd" so I would maybe suggest RPing with a few different people and soliciting feedback to see if there is something you could be doing differently.


Best of luck and hope to see you around!

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