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Hello from a recluse

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Hello gigantically overwhelming community,


I am a generally reclusive person (unecessary repetition), but I've been playing FFXIV for almost a year now. While I've seen rp, and dabbed my toe in the water of rp so to speak, I finally decided to take that final step to face plant into the pool.


That got a little weird.


While I've played quite a few mmos and rpgs, I haven't done much serious RPs. I've played DnD and the like, but most of those were ... silly.


My main character I will be RPing is one Albus Beaularoix, I've been slowly developing him over the coarse of time I've been playing. He isn't quite complete, but it shouldn't show unless one of you are a psychiatrist and pick him apart.

A brief explanation of his personality - A reclusive (Third times the charm!) scholarly Elezen that is struggling to get by.

wip wiki link? https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Albus_Beaularoix

I'll be honest, some of my characters personality exists as some what of a way to help me with my own general reclusiveness.


In general I would consider myself to be a medium to heavy RPer. My main problem is that I can't remember all the lore, and sometimes you just have to make something up on the fly to keep the momentum going before the pause gets weird.



Brief introduction over, now for what I would like some help with. While I've been on Balmung for a while and have seen and participated in some rp, I'm looking to get further into it. But... I don't know how. I'm not sure how to establish rp connections or what linkshells are still active that would apply to Albus' interests. While I am personally interested in participating in a wide variety of scenarios, my character would need some convincing by people he was reasonably sure wasn't going to mess with him for some of the more ... social events.

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Welcome aboard! o/ 


When it comes to establishing connections, I will simply say that proactivity is your friend. The more you do, the more you reach out and throw hooks at people, the easier it'll become. Sometimes it takes a while, but sitting about and waiting for things to happen is going to take longer. If you see me about feel free to say hi :)

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So, what are you some kind of a recluse or something?


Joking aside, welcome to the club. If you're looking for RP you can put yourself to sleep at the Quicksand or look for RP events in the calendar section. http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=16271&pid=284223#pid284223 I personally find this to be more helpful and detailed than looking at the calendar though. So check that out and see what's interesting.


If none of that catches your eye, I recently offered my free time http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18649 to any new RPer who feels discouraged about entering the already well-established RP community and needs a pal. The thread gets a little off-topic, but the offer's still there if you can't find anything or you're too nervous to walk up to a group of strangers. Don't feel obligated though. I won't be offended.


Either way, welcome to the RPC. Come play pretend with us.

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Hullo there o/


I joined up yesterday and felt just like you. Very nervous about sharing my ideas with the world. But the people here are very nice and encouraging. While I am still trying to figure out a good way to meet up with people from the site who say they want to RP with me it is nice to get responses from people who are enthusiastic.


Good luck!

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Hey there and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


As was previously mentioned, being proactive certainly helps but that can be a tall order for someone who is a bit shy. Linkshells and RP FC's are going to be your mainstay for hunting down targeted, small-group RP, but you can also use the Making Connections forum to network with people here on the RPC as well! 


In regards to Making Connections though, it definitely helps to have a direction and purpose in mind. For example, are you looking to get into the underworld? Research? Treasure hunting? Wandering? There are so many FC's and LS' with different niches, it really helps to find a niche that you're invested into!

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Hello Albus and welcome to the RPC! I have had the pleasure of RPing with Albus in the past and although he can be a tad reclusive to begin with, once he warms up to your character he is a blast to interact with (both literally with his thaumaturgy and figuratively haha).


Looks like everyone has you covered as far as where to go from here :D

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