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New person here.

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Hello there, I'm xiv. (Or Aimi for my character)


I just so happen to find this website for the roleplayers of Final Fantasy Online, so being a college student with way too much time I figured to join.

I have roleplayed for three/four years now getting more comfortable in the literate style, I have done numerous themes but decided to go back to my routes.


Character Aimi is in the works but I would like ideas too if you would like to help if you are interested in roleplaying please let me know. :)

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


Afraid I don't know much about Zodiark- most folks around here are on Balmung, so that's where most of the RP actually goes down. These days it can take a good $18 to move over, but it's definitely worth the money- especially if RP is one of the chief things you like to do, at that! There's more of it on Balmung than you'd know what to do with.


Either way, best of luck!

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