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THE REALMSWARD INITIATIVE (Realm-wide Charitable Campaigns)

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A well written poster would appear around the city states... within bars and taverns, adventurers guilds alike.. a symbol of a crystal entwined by the banners of the alliance with blades crossing inbetween. Out of this poster one phrase would stand out against the rest.






The realm needs YOU to help our troops against the empire!



I, Von Sayrillont of the Ashen Dawn, call upon all companies.. adventurers, medics, crafters... any who are willing to do your part in helping those less fortunate in Gyr Albania, and those over the seas in the east...  The fight against the garleans is not just fought by steel and magic, but with the morale and supplies of those behind it as well! The stock of arms , materials, food and nourishment, they dwindle with each coming day and this is where I wish for the NEW Realmsward movement to come into effect.






The realm needs more champions, more able fighters.. and so I propose for this new Realmsward movement to provide them with the means to do so!, with additonal troop support at the ready, steady supplies of materials and rationed refreshments to assist those on the field with keeping well fed , hydrated and armed. As well as this a war effort needs more than supplies, a effort like this needs funding and morale which we too can provide! Through our fundraising ventures and tournaments we will provide for the general public, ALL donations acquired through these efforts will go towards the selected movement! 



TO ALL WHO ARE INTERESTED! I will be accepting all those in like mind who wish to assist with the effort, whether you wield a blade, spindle, or frying pan, any craft can provide aid in this venture through our charitable ventures and support in the future, we have a lot of plans to help out in the future, so we await your support in these trying times!







Once we have gathered sufficient help I will be making a council between companies and people to keep a steady line of information to be made between those present and make sure we are all working in tandom on this.. this council will include a representative from each company and also a person to represent those joining us unaffiliated, they will have a large part in the decision making process for us and myself and two other advisors will be mediating the meetings in total.



Underneath would detail the Address of the Ashen Dawn (Ward 6,plot 27 Mists) and also Vons personal linkpearl frequency.







I am planning the Realmsward intiative to be a large scale Realm-wide effort to raise awareness and IC funding and support for large movements that go on within Balmung, from current content going into the future. This movement is to help direct the community to large happenings goings on help things be interlinked by supporting and aiding those campaigns in a supplimental fashion, without stepping on any toes by making a new force, and instead aiding existing ones.


Okay so im in, whats involved?

Firstly it will involve yourself, or your company (or a representitive thereof) to come to one of the events we held, or coming to me at the house, in which we will get you signed onto our roster under your selected craft or role you wish to undertake.


From then on you are able to give feedback however you like, and support our events in helping staff the venues and make this possible! This will involve us travelling around the place from ARR zones to other expansion areas, so be prepared to see the sights! Whilst our focus is primarily around fundraising and charitable venues, we do intend to be a form of reinforcement support to who needs it, and we will need combatants to send out if anyone needs any extra numbers for a certain event, or wishes to use us in a wider fashion within an IC storyline! So not -all- our actions will be done for charity.


During these fundraising events however, we will be rping out the presentation of donations within the events, all the way to carting them over to the selected cause itself, so we will need people who wish to do charitable rp, and act as our emissiaries and diplomats when we reach out to provide this valuable support to them! As well as the support staff and crafters who will be providing these things to the people. Gil donations will go to the cause also in a OOC manner as well as an IC manner, to help them with any funding on both levels they may need for this effort, so your support -will- make a difference!


Cool!, But this council thing, whats that about?

The council will be a person from each company, think of a representative.. or certain individuals who wish to take a bigger part in helping this idea grow.. I hope for this to also be open to people who want to control making the supply missions, stealth, medical.. and other categories to help the management and organisation of things better, as I cant do it all myself, and I would love to see what creative ideas the community has to share for this!


The Council will be helping and deciding on how we plan forth and make this idea truly come alive for the community as a whole,  so it wont just be me who puts forth things, You all can get a say on how our efforts carry on!



How do I get in contact?

Feel free to contact me in game (Von Sayrillont) or Pm me on here.. though in game will be more preferable!


And how do we keep track of events?!

I will be making sure our events are put up on the RPC, and describing the events in question, with our new twist in focus we believe it will give us chance to hold a whole new spectrum of fun and exciting events to hold for you all, so we look forward to your input!

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This sounds incredibly exciting and cool, but I'm already involved in more plotlines than I can keep up with and my Friday evenings are never free. Best of luck, though! If I ever find the time, I'll show up to a future event as a rank-and-file mook or something.

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This sounds incredibly exciting and cool, but I'm already involved in more plotlines than I can keep up with and my Friday evenings are never free. Best of luck, though! If I ever find the time, I'll show up to a future event as a rank-and-file mook or something.


That would be awesome!, the tournament is only the first stage of what I have planned, so when we get onto the proper missions which will be at varied times, you are welcome to come if you wish!, otherwise If im online we can always do some rp to get you in another way

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Realmsward Meeting 1 - Hosted at WHITEBRIM, CENTRAL HIGHLANDS





What was talked about?

  • The first stage of the Realmsward initiative, attacking the Castrums! The initiative as whole and the order of Castrums we will attack (First month Occidens, second Meridanum/centri, with the finale at oriens and baelsars wall!)
  • The Realmsward initiative will be moving for Occidens first, and the first stage of the assault will begin on the first of april.
  • The Teams participating in each part of the strike and where they will be situated (Found below)
  • Base camp locations, which will be bought up again next week
  • Assigning people to each group, and brainstorming ways to further assault the castrum as we further wittle the supplies moving towards Occidens and our final assault on the first castrum.


What will each team be doing?

  • Research Team Will be headed by Mayu Chevalier of the Gilded Roses, and will be trying to find a way to manipulate and expand the lascent aether powering the communications tower to make attempts of repair after sabotage futile, and also to disable electronics. (Western La Noscea events)
  • Offensive Team Will be headed by Mishi Mizuchi and Keicho, This team will be focusing on attacking the smaller garlean forces situated around the outskirts of la noscea, wittling down the chain of soldiers and any reinforcements incoming. (Upper and Outer la Noscea)
  • Caravan sabotage and Supply team Will be headed by Kaitlyn Nelhah and Athulis Faulkner, they will be moving around middle and lower la noscea to find and prevent any supply caravans from getting to occidens, as well as providing supplies to the troops.


Contact information For the Team Leads

  • Research: Mayu Chevalier (Gilded Rose Academy, Mists Ward 8, plot 7)
  • Offensive: Mishi Mizuchi (Kasasagi Dojo, Goblet Ward 5 apartment 90)
  • Supply and Caravan: Kaitlyn Nelhah (Winters Wake, Lavender beds Ward 10 plot 49) as well as Athulis Faulkner (Mists ward 12, plot 40)
  • Base camp Training and assault ops: Ajisai Ito (Soul of the Sword, Mists Ward 5 plot 32) and Braxis Wynterwulf (Fabled few, Mists ward 9 subdivision, apartment 29)

Location of the base camp where all the assaults will be coordinated from will be revealed at next weeks meeting!, Attacks will start from April 1st when we move up to the base camp, so contact the respected lead or myself to sign up now!

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Meeting two: Poor Maids Mill






After gathering the initiative members we decided to announce the base camp of being at poor maids mill, and announced the team leads and the roles they will be undertaking throughout the first stage of the initiative to let everyone know what will be going on... as well as details of what will be going on around the basecamp including the fluid and flowing event system that will be going on around base camp to give people mini missions and other things to do!, as well as where the larger events for it and each team will be posted (On the RPC), we got a great turnout and a lot of new people signed up!, the Realmsward campaign will go into full swing on the third of april at the base camp described above in the picture, so if you want some rp feel free to swing by our hub from then onwards!


For team leads and locations see meeting 1's notes.



For discord or linkshell invite, please tell me in game!

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Part 1: Striking Occidens!





The time has come for the Realmsward initiative to move out!, now large in number they seek to take there first steps in liberating the realm from garlean influence... the first step, OCCIDENS!



What is the Realmsward Initiative?

The Realmsward initiative is a movement to take back occupied territory from garlean control.. this campaign will be helping the community get closer by uniting rpers on this front to make a good rp storyline that will last form here throughout stormblood, starting in our lands before taking on othard and Ala Mhigo alike in the push against the empire.


Where will it be set?

The first stage of the campaign will be set around the La Noscea area, where we will be setting up camp from this date at Poor maids Mill in Upper La noscea, where from here we will be doing missions all around the region regarding the war effort that leads towards the final push to the castrum at the end of the month. This effort will also include a lot of casual rp and spontanious scouting , training and other missions to be set for people throughout the camp!, for this next month this will be our hub alongside our major events, so please come and rp with us, and help the community thrive! Below is a map with all the major places in the camp noted down.




Your Interested, but where do you go to find out about the more Major happenings?

As well as constant mini operations heading out of our base camp around the clock, we will also be directing larger scale missions that will involve more of a range of people, these will be headed by myself and company representatives, so please whisper them or myself if you want to know of upcoming events in that sector, or wish to join that team! Roles may change per Castrum[/color]

  • Medical: Lumina Qalli
  • Research: Mayu Chevalier (Gilded Rose)
  • Supply and Caravans: Kaitlyn Nelhah (Winters Wake) and Bebebop Bebop (Orchid 317)
  • Infiltration and Scouting: Mishi Mizuchi (Kasasagi Dojo)
  • Training: Braxis Wynterwulf (Fabled Few) and Mamaka Maka (Drakensguard)
  • Frontlines (Base camp ops): Von Sayrillont (Drakensguard) and Ajisai Ito (Soul of the Sword)

Where can we contact you and where are events listed?

Tell one of the people listed above and we can send you an invite to our linkpearl and/or discord, where is where we will post announcements and intel regarding upcoming events! We will ALSO be posting any major happenings on the RPC when we can, either on the calendar or on the thread, so keep an eye out!, and work is currently being done on a site to more properly conserve information.



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Occidens was down, yet Eorzea was not yet liberated from Garlean occupation... with the grand companies efforts at the wall there was only one foothold of imperial land to bring back under eorzean control... with both imperial and eorzean hands scrambling to win this battle in the final strike for eorzean land in...




What is it?: Operation Duel Moon is the Realmswards next effort to take down Castrum Meridanum and Centri at the same time, this will be our last major campaign before stormblood, and we want to hit off the end of the expansion with a blast!, with garlean forces always knocking at the camps wall, there will always be something to defend! 


What is there to do?: On the calendar and the discord there will be announced for major events that will be going on, these will include (alike last time) parts for each sector that will contribute and assist towards the final assault. HOWEVER this does not mean that events are restricted to be hosted by just reps, not at all in fact! If there is something you want to do to contribute to the efforts in your own way, feel free to play it out!, just make sure one of the rep knows what happened in your mission IC and add a result in the archives on this website, or we can do so!, these can be scouting missions, to mini assaults, to simple supply grabs!, this campaign is for everyone to progress and grow there characters in this ongoing campaign, so we do hope you enjoy it.


Where will it be?: The base camp for Operation Duel moon will be at Ceruleum processing plant, and we will have a map for you on where things are there in time.. here is a map on where it is if you are not sure, though this will be right next to a aetheryte point this time, so you will always have access straight to the camp!






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The eorzean campaign is COMPLETE! Should you wish for reports of our major Chapter Finales, please refer to the links below!



Castrum Occidens


Castrum Meridanum


Castrum Centri



This does not mean however things are over, we will still be around representing and at major events, the last tournament pre stormblood will be 3rd May and then we shall be breaking until after stormblood!



After stormblood we will start our campaign towards the lands of Othard and Ala Mhigo, so keep in touch!, if you wish to contact me, please PM me or tell Von Sayrillont in game to sign up!

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MAJOR UPDATE!: The Realmsward Initiative has turned from more of a offensive Force, to a support and charitable organisation that provides defensive , supplimental, and offensive support to companies and larger movements. As well as Fundraising events to raise aid for these endeavours, I will be updating the front page in due time to explain more of this!

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The front page is now updated!, it includes the new direction the realmsward is taking, with those expressing interest in involving themselves in this grand undertaking, please tell me in game! (Von Sayrillont) or pm me on here, and I shall try and get you ICly introduced as soon as possible!

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