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Army of characters for connections or crafted to your BG needs

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Hello everyone,


I have an army of characters which I use to play way more with friends rather than randomly in quicksands, as I'm more plot-driven and motivated by characters building. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for connections for these characters to have new stories to play.


My alts' BG can also be adapted to your plots needs when there is no wikipage for them (you may read these in my signature at the end of this post if interested).


I also have 2-3 characters whitout BG yet marked as "TBD", so they could totally be used to support your BG construction should you need some IC relation.


Here is the list. They are all in Balmung and I sometimes use the aesthetician to modify the features of the same avatar for more alts!


[align=center]Main Characters[/align]













[align=center]Alt Characters[/align]













Please do not hesitate to send me PMs and contact me on La Pacificatrice or La' Pacificatrice. I also have skype if you have a hard time finding me online.


Thank you, looking forward to meet you IG!

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